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Arizona Women's Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 9 - Florence
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 23, 2007
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By Amina Njonkou


After spending time in the Milan area and visiting Lake Como, I thought we saw everything that could be nice in Italy.  I was wrong.  Florence is amazing. Lets recall that Florence used to be the capital of Italy before it was moved to Rome; may be this explains why the city is nicely built.


Yesterday, we took a visit to Florence. Our day was filled with shopping because Florence is known to be the best shopping place in Italy. And it is because once we got out of the bus, I was in the rush to see what I could buy.


Before we took a walk to the open market, Florence didn’t seem to be that great of a shopping place.  Everyone, even Beatrice Bofia, started to ask why I told them that Florence was the best shopping place in Italy. But after a few minutes of walking, we got to an open market and I could see the smiles on everybody’s faces. It was shopping time! Even though things were expensive, everybody tried to leave Florence with something. Even Dr. Helming, who hasn’t bought anything since we have been here, ended up buying something special for his wife.


We also visited all of the historic places of Florence. So we decided to have lunch first and that was a good call because the rest of the day was tough. So most of my teammates stopped at one of those expensive restaurants (everything here is so expensive, even food) to get something to eat. After Suzy Bofia finished eating, we chose another walk to the open market where I surprisingly found an African woman selling African food. So I decided to get some, and it was three-times cheaper compared to the price Marie McGee paid for her food.


When everybody finished eating, we then went to the Museum Di Academia where we admired Michelangelo’s famous artwork: the statue of David. It was gorgeous. We all loved the statue and I even told Shannon Hobson that David was cute; and I don’t say that about a lot of men.


After the Museum, it was time to take a walk to one of the biggest churches in the world. I could see the fatigue in the face of my teammates but at the same time I was amazed with Patty Ota and Grace Henry and their ability to walk without fatigue. It made me feel bad because at my age I was feeling more tired than them. After that, we walked to the oldest bridge in Europe. On our way to the bridge, we saw some jewelry stores with everything in gold. I tried to bring Ashley Whisonant inside one of them but she said no, probably because she knew what the prices were going to be like.


Finally, after a long day visiting the museum and the bridge, we all decided to get gelato (ice cream) and head back to our hotel. Right now I am looking forward to our next city which is Rome.



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