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Stoops' Confident A Few Days Into Camp
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 13, 2004
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Arizona football coach Mike Stoops addressed the beat writers and broadcasters who cover the team at Media Day activities Thursday morning, then joined with players and the rest of the coaches in photo sessions and one-on-one and gang interviews in McKale Center.

Stoops' message was one of optimism -- and continued hard work. Click the above link for video of the event.


Football Training Camp Notes and Quotes ?- Day 4

Tucson, Ariz.?- Arizona Football Training Camp Notes and Quotes...


...The University of Arizona football team held their third practice at Rincon Vista complex Thursday evening. The Wildcats worked out for around two-and-a-half hours for the second night in shoulder pads, “We practice pretty hard and pretty physical everyday,” Head Coach Mike Stoops said...


... Sharing the reps at quarterback between them, sophomore Kris Heavner and sophomore Ryan O’Hara combined for 59-yards. Heavner was 6-of-8 passes for 29-yards, while O’Hara was 4-of-6 passes for 27-yards, in the skeleton-style passing drills against the linebackers and defensive backs...


... Redshirt freshman linebacker Dane Krogstad impresses Stoops with his work ethic in camp thus far. For that reason Krogstad is excited at the chance of a starting position, “I think about it every night. I’ve been thinking about it all summer...I just hope I don’t faint or do something when I walk out there. The biggest crowd I played in front of was at the spring game and when we play an actual real game, the crowd will be even more,” he told members of the local media Thursday night...


...During team drills Thursday night, highlights came from junior safety Lamon Means, who intercepted a pass at the sideline and junior fullback Gilbert Harris’s 60-yard run to the end zone...


...Junior running back Mike Bell showed flashes Thursday evening with a 22-yard gain...


...The defense was against the offense for the last play of practice. The consequence for losing was extra sprints in conditioning. Heavner hooked up with Juan Valentine for a 40-yard pass, forcing the defense to add onto their conditioning sprints ...


...With 11 linebackers on this years squad ?- all the options seem to be moving in the right direction, “I like what we’re doing, I think we have some real athleticism there...I’m happy with Randy Sims, with what he’s done since he’s been here, [and] Pat Howard. Dan Krogstad has been doing really really good. I get more and more impress with him everyday, he is a really really good player,” Mike Stoops said Thursday after practice...


...The team will have 16 natives of the state on its roster when the season begins, “Tucson, Phoenix area are important to us. I like all our players [from around the state]; I think they will all be good players for us...I think the ones we added [are good]...Really happy with those guys,” Stoops said...


...Coach Stoops is impressed with local freshman linebacker Brandon Lopez of Vail, Ariz., “We have high hopes for him,” Stoops said...


...Friday will mark the first time the team will workout in full pads. The team will return to on Rincon Vista complex at 5:45 p.m. Friday, for their fifth practice of their fall training camp...






2004 Arizona Football ?- Fall Training Camp Schedule


Friday, August 13                     5:45 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Saturday, August 14                 9:05 a.m. Practice, campus

                                               6:45 p.m. Scrimmage, Stadium

Monday, August 16                   7:45 a.m.-9:05 a.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

                                               6-8:05 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Tuesday, August 17                  5:45 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Wednesday, August 18             7:45 a.m.-9:05 a.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

                                               6-8:05 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Thursday, August 19                 5:45 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Friday, August 20                     7:45 a.m.-9:05 a.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

                                               6-8:05 p.m. Practice, Rincon Vista

Saturday, August 21                 6:30 p.m. Scrimmage ?- Fan Appreciation Night, Arizona Stadium



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