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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/19/2006
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 20, 2006
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


On Jawann McClellan:

Jawann McClellan had surgery this afternoon that was very successful. It was a torn ligament and the doctor said that what probably happened was that his wrist had been fractured in high school and that is the reason it gave way. If we hadn’t done surgery now, there would have been a 50/50 chance that he wouldn’t have been able to bend his wrist again. There was no question about it being done.”


 “I talked to Fendi (Onobun) yesterday when we found out what the prognosis was and I told him that I thought that he could make a valuable contribution to us. I also talked to his dad last night, and his attitude was ?'if he can help the team in any way we want him to do it, regardless of the amount on minutes he gets. It was pretty obvious tonight that he stepped up big-time. Imagine being a freshman redshirt coming out in this kind of a game and playing that way he played. He has made great improvement during practice and he works very hard every day. There is no question that he will be a really good player.”


On Chris Rodgers:

“We issued the statement and we met with Chris and some of his teammates today. The door is open a crack with the ball in his court. There are certain things that he is going to have to do and if he does them he has a chance to come back and that would not happen for a number of weeks. I’m not going to answer any more questions on that. What happens on the team stays within the team.”


 On Tonight’s game:

“The team played emotionally tough. The guys knew, given that we were short handed, that this was going to take an effort not only from guys on court, but from the bench as well. The enthusiasm showed in warm-ups and in the locker room. On the bench it was obvious that everyone was on the same page and focused.”


 “We know how tough Stanford is and it was a heck of a basketball game. Stanford played well and hit some big-time shots. We played well too and that’s what made it a good game. I guess you can see by scores in Pac-10 that every one of them went down to the final minute of play. That’s how competitive this conference is.”


 Cal drilled ASU so we know they are coming here with a lot of confidence and a lot of emotion. So we need to call on our fans again to give us that edge. But I know our guys are going to be ready to do what we need to do to come out on top.”


On Marcus Williams:

“He just keeps getting better and better. He has tremendous poise and confidence. I guess I can say I told you so. Last year when we signed him we said Marcus would be the best out of all of the candidates for the MacDonald’s All-American Team (from the Seattle area). I think he has proven that this year with how he’s played.”


 “The effort from the guys was outstanding. Stanford has always been a team that has taken great care of the ball and we forced 22 turnovers on them. This gives you an idea of the defensive effort put forth tonight.”


 “Without a doubt we had better anticipation of our teammates’ shots. It wasn’t that we got that many more (rebounds), but we had people there, and that’s what I have been concerned about all along. The guys should know when their teammates are going to shoot the ball and they need to be able to anticipate that before the other team has a chance to screen us out.”


 Ivan Radenovic anticipated really well and Isaiah Fox did the same. His leadership off the court and in practice was really critical.”


 “I thought Kirk Walters came out with a toughness about him that we haven’t seen before. I still feel that we need to have him really step up because he has such a presence on the floor. Tonight on the double team on Matt Haryasz, we brought Kirk across and he did very well against him.”


 “Chris Hernandez is good. It seems like it’s been six years playing against him. He’s been a pain in our side, but I love the guy.  He is what a point guard should be.”


 “This was a big win for us. At this point we can’t drop anymore at home. We are going to have to play every game and every possession like it is critical.  We can’t afford a night that we don’t put it together.”


Arizona Student-Athlete Quotes


Freshman G Marcus Williams


“We needed a win tonight, whether we got it or not.  No matter who we [played], we really needed a win.”


“This was a great team effort.  We had 21 buckets off of assists and that’s what you have to do.”


“There was a lot of camaraderie on the bench tonight.  When I was on the bench I saw guys yelling for everybody after each bucket.”


“This was a great team effort.  You can’t take anything away from Stanford, because they didn’t give anything up all night.  I’m just proud of our guys.”



Junior F Ivan Radenovic


“Everybody on the team plays good defense.  Chris [Rodgers] was probably our best on-ball defender, but Mustafa [Shakur] and Hassan [Adams] are pretty good there, as well, and then you have Kirk Walters blocking shots by the basket.  We can all play defense.”


“We know that defense wins games, so we came out in the first half with defense and tried to keep that up all game.”


“I thought we did a pretty good job on [Matt] Haryasz. He scored a lot of points, but we did a good job of fronting him and keeping him off the boards. He runs the court well, but we didn’t let him take over.”


Junior G Mustafa Shakur


On the crowd:


“I felt it [the crowd’s energy] as soon as we ran out on the court 30 minutes before the game. Normally the crowd is slowly filing in then, but tonight our fans were already there. They were yelling and screaming and going crazy. Being there 30 or 40 minutes before the game, we appreciate their support. They are a big boost for us.”


“This win is definitely something to build on. Playing at home and coming out with the energy we had, this has to be the way we play every game.”


On overcoming the two losses at Oregon and the losses of Jawann McClellan and Chris Rodgers:


“It was something we could rally around. Everyone was on the same page coming into tonight. A lot of it had to do with our fans. They were huge for us.”


Sophomore G Jawann McClellan


“[My teammates] know that I am one of the strongest people you’ll meet.  Don’t feel bad for me, because I’m just going to go out there and prepare for next season.”


“I will be out for the rest of the season, but I should be able to get a medical red shirt.”


“Today I was fresh out of surgery when I came to the game.”


“Right now I am just happy to be living.”


“I tweaked it against Oregon State.  I jumped over Aaron Rogers and I fell on it.  I knew right away I felt something tweak.”


“This is something that was waiting to happen.”



Freshman F Fendi Onobun


“Before tonight I had never played a college game, so I was nervous more than anything.  I talked to my family and other people close to me about tonight.  I know that half the season is gone by, but I have a tattoo [on my right bicep] that says ?'Never take a God-given opportunity for granted.’  This is a an opportunity, so I figured I better take it.”


“I don’t worry about what position I’m playing.  Right now, I just want to go out there and grab rebounds and if I get an open shot I’ll take it.  I just want to keep playing ball.  That’s all I’m worried about, going out there and playing ball.”


“Coach told me that I was a coach-able kid and a good kid.”


“I was surprised, my mouth was hitting the ground when coach told me that he was taking away my red shirt.”


“I was excited.”

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