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Kristina Baum's Player Diary From Arizona Volleyball's Roadtrip to Cal and Stanford
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 20, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior opposite Kristina Baum kept a player diary during Arizona volleyball's road trip to Cal and Stanford.



So this weekend we have a Fox Sports Net camera man that is going to follow us around everywhere. He is doing an all access show on us for FSN Arizona.



Guess who is doing the player cam? Yep. I am so honored. I knew I shouldn’t have walked over to Dave [Coach Rubio] after practice today. So wha ha-happen was... Practice ended and I carefully gathered all my volley gear in preparation for the journey back to McKale. As I headed toward the door, D-Ru and I locked eyes. (Error #1. Never make eye contact with Dave as you head out the door. He will always remember something he forgot to tell you.) Before Dave could say a word, I strolled on over to where he was conversing with John, the FSN camera man. (Error #2. I should have just walked out the door. Maybe even ran.) “Oh and here is Kristina. She does the Player Diary online. She’d enjoy doing the player cam,” Dave said, as he proceeded to walk away. Thanks Dave. One love. This is how I was honored with the player cam. Luckiest girl ever!




We just got finished with morning practice. I felt really sluggish and my tummy hurt. I think it was from the burger I had last night. For dinner, Angie, Bre, Brit Leonard, Katie, Steph, Amy, Brooke, our team manager Shalane and I went to Lyon’s across the parking lot. I had this huge burger and fries. It felt good last night, but not so much today. I went to Dave’s room and made myself a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. More food will make my tummy feel better. That’s just how it works. Chow time.



We lost in four. Bad. I played bad. Other people weren’t ready to play either. I take full responsibility for that loss. I hate losing more than anything in life. Never again. That was our last loss of the season, if I have any say about it. I should blame it on my burger. Okay, that’s not funny. Good night.




I’m pretty sure most of the footage on camera is me and Bre. Bre walking in the door. Bre putting on her makeup. Bre changing. Bre in her towel ... Haaa! Just kidding! It’s not that kind of video. I have gotten some pretty good footage of people not knowing I’m filming them. It got pretty interesting, with a lot of close-ups and unexpected occurrences. I am sure John will have a ball editing all of it. Hee hee ... I’m so sneaky. Anyway, it’s time for pre-game at Chili’s. More food before we chop the trees.



Goodness gracious! I am so happy! We beat Stanford in five. It was close in the end, beating them 18-16 in the fifth. Katie subbed in for me at like 11-11. I knew it was going to be close in the end, and I wanted to be in at the end of the game. I live for these kinds of games. I ended up going in at, I think, 15-15. We weren’t losing. The game ended on an overpass by Kristin Richards and Dominique blocking it to the floor. It was awesome. Everyone went into the locker room screaming and cheering. It’s the best feeling when you win in a close match, especially to a team ranked No. 4. Dave always says, “Look to your teammates for support." I struggled the whole game. I looked to my teammates for support, and they were there. We won and that’s all that matters. Weeeeeeeeeee!!! Our next challenge is getting up at 4 a.m. to catch our flight out of here. The joys of traveling ... Good night!



We are on our way home. As we boarded the plane, the flight attendant said, “Oh, Arizona volleyball? Good luck girls.” Ummm ... let’s think about this for a minute. Does she not know the flight, that she is working, is going to Phoenix, which would imply we are going home, which would imply we already played? Hmmm ... sometimes I wonder about the flight attendants.


So now we switched planes in Phoenix and I looked down the aisle to see our flight attendant passed out, mouth open, head tilted and everything. Should be a great flight! I hope we don’t have a medical emergency like we did on our first flight when a passenger had an anxiety attack type thing, where she even needed an oxygen tank. The interesting part of this story is that the lady who had the anxiety attack had a terrible fear of flying. Ummm ... so why fly? Hmmm ... again, I wonder about people sometimes.






And next time... It's going to be a Trojan war, like after a Wildcat has a Bruin McKale.