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Kristina Baum's Player Diary Arizona Volleyball's Match at ASU
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 13, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior middle blocker Kristina Baum kept a player diary during Arizona Volleyball’s road trip to Tempe to face ASU.



Today at practice, Kim [Glass] and I decided to school some of our freshmen on how to be a pin player. I had the honor of blocking Brooke [Buringrud] on the right, and Kim had Randy [Goodenough] on the left. Although Brooke took some nice swings on the left, she ran into a solid wall with me in front of her. Randy was set and ran into another wall with Kim blocking her straight down. Welcome to the Pac-10 rookies! When these rookies attempted to block like us veterans, Kim used Randy off the block and out of bounds. Brooke must have gotten scared, because I hit the ball right through her block and out of bounds as well. But I do have to give Brooke credit because she did block me once. Obviously, I taught her well. This is how we prepare our freshmen for the competitive world of big girl volleyball in the Pac-10.



We made the drive down to Phoenix tonight taking a 15-passenger van and a mommy suburban. All 18 of us traveled this time around. Amy [Dyck], “Steph” [Butkus], “Domi” [Lamb], and I got bored in the van, so we started taking pictures. It was an amusing ride down to Phoenix. I can’t wait to play the Sun Devils tomorrow night. No matter how good their team is they always play very well against us. Of course, we always play better. We kitties have some big claws. Rawr!



Purrrr... We beat the Sun Devils in three. We didn’t pass or serve very well at all. I served the ball into the antenna. Honestly, who serves a ball into the antenna? The antenna is like a centimeter wide and there is 30 feet of court to serve into. That’s what you call pinpoint. Pinpoint is also following scouting report and blocking their outside on her first set of the match. She had no chance. It was like hitting a brick wall (kind of like what Randy and Brooke did hitting against Kim and I during practice this past week). Dominique played amazing. I think she hit like 1.000. It must have been because her family was there since she was in her hometown. I am proud of her. That’s my "twin" doing big things. Kim had an awesome dig during the game too. I’m pretty sure she hurt her back doing it. She dug a ball falling backwards with one fist and landed flat on her back. I became quite worried when she fell on her back, because she is getting up there in age. As a senior, she just turned 21, and as you get older the body starts to deteriorate and is not as quick to heal as us youngsters. I know she’ll be feeling that tomorrow. I’m sure she’ll get a replay in slow-mo when our game is broadcast on FSN on Sunday. That was my favorite play of the game. There should have been glass shattered everywhere, but this Glass doesn’t break that easily.


Nor Cal schools up next...


P.S. Bears live in the trees, but neither belongs in the desert... Get it? Cal Bears? Stanford Cardinal with a tree as their mascot? Arizona is in the desert? Okay, never mind.

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