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Arizona Women's Basketball Tour of Italy: Day 1 - Lake Como
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: May 15, 2007
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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By: Ashley Whisonant


Today, the University of Arizona women’s basketball team completed Day 1 in Italy. The mission today was to tour Lake Como, better known to Italians as Lago di Como. The name Como which, means new community, was built by the Romans. The lake is shaped like an upside-down Y with three main points. We began this mission at one of the points in a town called Como.


We need the best-of-the best transportation for this mission so we traveled on a very large boat. The boat allowed us to do our job to perfection which was mainly to take great pictures. The lake was amazing with very beautiful soundings. We got the opportunity to view the gorgeous villas that were on the lake. The lake was also surrounded huge mountains to make the views even more beautiful.


A very famous actor by the name of George Clooney has a villa which is located on Lake Como. Clooney’s villa was one of the more beautiful villas. We also got the opportunity to view were Gianni Versace used to live. He also lived in a very nice villa. Does anybody remember the movie Casino Royal which is “the new 007”? Well, the villa where the main character lived was also on Lake Como. The lake had many historical places, beautiful churches, nice hotels and many other things.


The second part of the mission was to stop in Bellagio, to cure the hunger pains in our stomachs and possibly shop. In Bellagio the tour continued with going up a set of very steep stairs. Along the stairs were restaurants, gift shops, clothing store and much more. After we completed the second part of that mission we got back onto a boat to head back to the town of Como to complete our last mission of Day 1.  


The last part of mission was to go to one of the highest points in the town of Como. It sounds scary but the brave Wildcats did not back down. To complete this particular mission we need another special way of transportation, so we used the Funicolare. A Funicolare was a cable car but the cable was beneath the train device. It went straight up the very extremely steep hill almost most straight up north. We accomplished that mission going up and down the Funicolare. Mission 1 was an unforgettable and extremely fun for the Wildcats!

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