Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Rounds with Ramos: Entry #1
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 30, 2011
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Sept. 30, 2011

Throughout the Arizona Wildcat women's golf season, senior Margarita Ramos will keep a weekly blog about life and golf in the Pac-12. Check back for more updates!

Our first tournament of the season was the Mason Rudolph Fall Preview in Nashville. Two weeks before we went to the tournament, our coaches had us qualifying every other day for two weeks to see who would make the line-up for our first tournament. The first few weeks of school are always a little stressful because we have to get accustomed to the schedule of golf, school, work outs and, on top of that, we had qualify for our first event. This makes it challenging but at the same time keeps us motivated to work harder because we have seven extremely competitive girls in our team.

For our first event, the results were not what we wanted but it is important to use this first tournament to evaluate what we did well and see where we can improve. In fact, this week we came back to Tucson and definitely focused more on short game. Our coaches had us working on drills that were specific to the needs of every player.

Tomorrow we go to Chicago were we will be playing the second tournament of our season!

Let make it a good one! Goooo Cats!