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Womens Tennis Blog: Susan Mc Rann
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: October 27, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Oct. 27, 2010


Last weekend, we travelled to Barnes Tennis Center in San Diego for our ITA Regionals. The tournament presented a very high standard of tennis with many teams from the Pac-10 competing. We were faced with many tough matches and the team pulled out some great results, particularly Stubbey (Kim) fighting back on two occasions from a set down to win her matches to reach the quarter-finals, and also Lacey who was undefeated in the consolation singles.

Throughout the weekend there were scattered showers which stopped play on several occasions but Debora, being sensible and wanting us to protect ourselves from cancer, urged us to borrow some sun cream from the opponents. As DJ Sarah kept the tunes rolling, lead singer Ryan made sure that he could be heard as the karaoke began for the journey to the courts. Unfortunately for Ros, Lacey wasn't such a fan of Neil Young, preferring more modern songs like "Just a Dream". Kim's English improved with help from the whole team as she learned many new words and got ideas of what to dress up as for Halloween!

As it was the first trip with the whole team, our time off the court presented us with plenty of entertainment. Laughter seemed to fill the dinner table everywhere we went. After eating half of her salad, Senior Jane Huh wondered if she was eating the wrong meal and proceeded to question the waitress. Oh no, a bit late Jane! Sarah and I just about made it through the spice of the clam linguine, burning our lips and forcing us to use bread to soak up the spice. Captain Tash built a castle made of coasters which was fantastic; it included not only straws but also menus...I knew you could do it Tash! Of course not forgetting Liz's great eye for a Cold stone down the road from the hotel, but surprisingly she was outshone by head coach Vicky Maes who spotted a little frozen yogurt place which became the location for desert...Sorry Liz! Thanks to everyone who came and supported us in San Diego.

Next week, Kim, Lacey, Debora, and I head to New Mexico for the UNM Invitational!

Go Cats! Susan

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