Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Jamie's Journal #6
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 22, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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February 19, 2006


            Hello again everyone!  We just returned from yet another road trip!  I feel like all we are doing these days is traveling, but luckily we are home for the next 3 weeks!  Yay!  We are currently right in the middle of our Pac-10 schedule, so we were at Oregon State two weeks ago and at Stanford last weekend, and we will meet UCLA at home this Friday!

            The Oregon State meet was absolutely awesome!  We had been fighting off some injuries and didn’t even know if some people would be competing at this meet, but they pulled through!  We began the competition on bars.  Our event score was 48.975, highlighted by Aubrey’s 9.9!  That gave her the win, which was her 3rd bar title of the season.  I think that was also her 3rd 9.9 of the season (I’m sensing a trend...)!  Vault was next, and we had a few hops and steps on our landings, but we tallied for a 48.625 event score, led by Karin and Rachelle’s meet-winning 9.775’s.  Floor was next and we scored a 48.975, this time led by Karin and Aubrey’s 9.875’s.  Rachelle performed an exhibition routine for the first time, and except for a little problem on her last pass she did awesome!  We were only a few tenths ahead of Oregon State as we headed to our final rotation, beam.  Erin, Aubrey, and I had flash backs of competing there two years ago when we were also in the lead going into beam but got a little shaky and ended up losing the meet.  We were determined not to let that happen again!  We decided we were going to leave everything out on that competition floor and then whatever would happen would be because we would give our best.  We ended up scoring a 48.825, which was our second highest beam score of the year.  This great all-around effort led to the win, 195.400-194.925.  It was great that we didn’t buckle under the pressure!  And this was our first win at Oregon State in a dual meet in over 15 years!  It was an awesome feeling leaving Corvallis!

            We took that feeling into Palo Alto, California to compete against Stanford the following weekend.  Again we started on bars.  The scores were a little bit tight and we ended up with a 48.750, again led by Aubrey’s 9.9!  Then we went to vault.  Again the scores were really tight, but many girls did their best vaults of the year.  Danielle nailed her vault and stuck her landing, but received a 9.575.  I also competed vault for the first time this year, and I did a brand new vault.  Karin and I both stuck our vaults for 9.825’s each, which was the 3rd best score of the night.  Floor was next and we had a few weird and unexpected mistakes and ended up having to count a fall, so our score was 48.375.  The high score on floor was Danielle’s 9.825.  Beam was last, and we were determined to leave Stanford with our chins up.  We scored a 48.825, which was the same score as in Oregon State, led by Danielle again, this time with a 9.8.  Although it wasn’t a perfect meet, we overcame some obstacles and finished the meet with pride. When we compete in Stanford we compete in their volleyball arena, which is much smaller than we are used to.  It would be similar to competing in the Bear Down Gymnasium at home.  The first row of fans is actually about 2-3 feet from the equipment which can be nerve-wracking!  Their fans get really loud since the arena is so small, but we handled the pressure and ended up with a decent away score of 194.625 in a very unfamiliar environment!

            We are now ranked 14th in the nation and 3rd in the Pac 10!  We have now moved into the new RQS (regional qualifying score) system of averaging scores.  The RQS is compiled of the 6 highest scores of the season, and at least 3 of those scores have to be from away meets.  From those 6 scores the highest score is thrown out, and then the average is taken from the remaining 5.  I know it sounds a little bit confusing, but once you get the hang of it, I promise it’s not too hard. 

We are finally home again this week versus UCLA.  They are a great Pac-10 school and ranked 6th nationally, so it would be great to have your support this Friday, Feb. 24 at 7:30 pm.  We’d love to see you there as well as the following two Fridays after that!  Until next time, go GymCats!!!


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