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Arizona-ASU Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 24, 2010
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Jan. 24, 2010

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Arizona Women’s Basketball
January 24, 2010
Arizona vs. Arizona State
Postgame Quotes

Arizona Head Coach Niya Butts:
Opening statement
“Obviously, it’s a very disappointing loss. I certainly think it has to do with a lack of rebounding on our part. We’ve been harping on rebounding all year.”

“It’s something I come into the press conference talking about, even in victories, that we didn’t do a really good job rebounding the basketball. That seems to be what teams are trying to expose.”

“ASU, I want to give credit to them for coming in here and fighting and playing a tough game. I thought in so many ways they wanted it more, more than we wanted to beat ASU. I think they didn’t want to lose to us and that was the bottom line.”

On rebounding
“We don’t do a good job rebounding, so until we correct that I think this is going to be the problem.”

Junior forward Ify Ibekwe

"They were very physical with us. We had to match their physicality. We have been playing against bigger and stronger teams all season, so it was nothing new. It was just their intensity that was the difference."

On not beating ASU thus far in her career
"It's very frustrating because we have come so close every year. It's tough because this is a big rivalry."

Freshman guard Davellyn Whyte

On differences between defense played against her by other teams and Arizona State
"Not really, they were physical, but a lot of teams have been playing me physically in the Pac-10. They kept switching the defender on me so they always had someone fresh on me."

On what needs to change for Arizona to beat Arizona State
"Effort and we need to stay together as a team."

Arizona State head coach Charli Turner Thorne

Opening statement
“Obviously, this game is a huge game. We knew it was going to be a great one. I’m really proud of our team; we definitely kept the poise in the second half. I’ve gotta give credit to UA though. It’s a great rivalry and we were happy to get out of here with a win.”

“I think they (Arizona) were tired but we could have done a lot better. I think our starters played well. We didn’t keep out rotation up enough to really tire our players out but I think everyone was tired at the end. It was a pretty emotional game.”

“Our younger players are coming along. I think Watson did a good job. She’s still a first year player and has a lot of responsibilities. It was a great team win.”

“They (Arizona) are doing a very good job. I think they are definitely gonna beat some people.”

On the 13 turnovers
“That’s kind of our Achilles’ heel. We still need to come along with our perimeter defense, too.”

Junior forward Becca Tobin

On Arizona’s bench
“They only have eight players, and we know that we just have to keep playing tough, and we could eventually wear them down.”

“The key to the game was to keep on the rebounds. We knew we had to control the boards to win.”

On Arizona’s No. 3 Ify Ibekwe
“We knew we had to try to deny Ify the ball, and we really didn’t do well with that. She’s a great player and it’s very difficult to hold someone like her to her average. We know for next time that we just have to keep her away from the ball. If she makes a tough shot, which she can do well, then she can, but we have to not let her get any open looks.”

Senior guard Danielle Orsillo
“We played good defense early, and we were very aggressive, but then we sort of pulled back a bit. We knew in the second half that we couldn’t keep playing that way. We really rallied behind the defense.”

“This is a big rivalry, and it’s always nice to beat U of A. They really gave us a run for our money, and are a very good team. We were in this position before, with being up by ten against USC and losing, and I just got really excited when we started hitting our free throws late in the game, and it was obvious that we were going to win. We are a very young team and we still have a lot of growing to do. This game really helps our progress.

On No. 35 Tenaya Watson
“Tenaya is a great basketball player and she plays with a lot of passion. She really is the catalyst to our defense. The point guard starts everything for us, and I’m really proud of how well she has been playing.

On Arizona’s Ify Ibekwe
“It’s really hard to stop Ify from hitting those tough shots. She’s a great player, and we won’t always be able to stop her. Next time, we just have to make sure of keeping her from getting anything wide open.”

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