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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/15/2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 16, 2005
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson quotes:


“UCLA is a very good team, as you can see. I don’t think they scored a free throw in the last six or seven minutes. I think we tired them and their legs weren’t the same in the second half. They played well, though. Their freshmen are for real. They’ve got some very big, very good guys coming in next year.”


“The key for us was in the second half, defensively, we closed things up. We solved some problems that gave us trouble in the first half. We held them to a very low shooting percentage.”


“In the first half our post men weren’t stepping out and recovering. In the second half we did more of that.”


“Salim (Stoudamire) got it going in the second half and you can see what happens when he gets it going. When he gets off the screen with the opportunity to shoot the ball, he’s on fire. The amazing thing is he shoots the ball like that all the time.”


“Salim (Stoudamire) just needs to do a better job of moving away from the ball and not getting into a rhythm on his cuts. He just needs to do a more consistent job of getting off screens set by big guys.”


“Out of the 16 shots (Salim Stoudamire) took today, there’s only one I would recommend that he not take.”


“We have to work on telling the freshmen to not go on the floor until the game is over.”


“Kirk (Walters) had five rebounds in 17 minutes, and he had a couple of blocks. He went two of three from the field. I’ll tell you now, Kirk’s just going to get better and better. You can see why we brought him out of red shirt. You can really see the difference in his confidence. I think he did a great job for us.”


“We have a great crowd. You can always count on that here. They helped us to win tonight, there’s no doubt.”


“We did a much better job communicating what we needed to do defensively in the second half.”


“Dijon Thompson played very well on the boards and shot the ball very well.”


“Mustafa (Shakur) is a competitor. Sometimes I think he should know better, but he’s a sophomore this year, and he’s all of 19 years old. He was pretty shaken up after the last couple of games. I think he did very, very well for us tonight.”


Arizona Player Quotes


Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire

On the last-second shot:

"Usually coach likes me to come off a high post screen, but I didn't want that.  I wanted to take my man one-on-one."


On his mid-range jump shots

"They were playing me for the three.  I feel like I can take my man off the drive.  I did that and was able to hit those shots."


Sophomore Center Kirk Walters:

“It was an amazing way to end the game. I thought Salim (Stoudamire) would drive it, but he had the open shot. It’s really nice to have someone like Salim shooting the ball.”


“We made some mistakes, but all around, it was a good game. They played us really tough. Every game is going to be all out. We can’t underestimate anyone. (UCLA) shot the ball great. It didn’t surprise me at all. They have great shooters on their team.”


Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur:

“WE got after the ball in the second half. We focused on the things coach said in the locker room. We should have done that from the beginning.”


“It didn’t feel like we were down. We are still playing good basketball, but I could see this as a turning point for us.”


“I think I’m doing everything I’m supposed to do. Coach is just trying to get through to me the things I’m supposed to do. More of it is defensive.”


“I wasn’t too tired. I sat some in the first  half, so I was able to come back strong in the second half.”


“Every time I got a rebound, I pushed it up the court really hard. I just wanted to go at them.”


Sophomore Forward Ivan Radenovic:

“It was a great game. They were really tough. Salim (Stoudamire) is great. That shot was awesome.”


“We played hard on defense. We tried to stop (Dijon) Thompson. I was trying to be physical with him. I was fighting for the boards and was in his face. After every shot he made, he would say something to us, but he got tired in the second half.”


“Last week, I was kind of sick. I was a little tired today, but I was ok.”


“Coach talked about what to do on defense in the last timeout. He wanted us to defend their last shot. Salim took the responsibility to take the last shot and win the game. He’s the hero right now.”





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