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By: Arizona Athletics
Release: September 30, 2004
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Senior defensive tackle Carlos Williams has the support of two families


By Blair Willis

Arizona Athletic Media Relations


One moment he is a hardworking, emotional, Arizona football player. The next moment he is a relaxed, laid-back, family man.


Who is he?


He is Carlos Williams, a 6-4, 305-pound defensive tackle and student-athlete. It may not be hard to spot him around campus, but if you only knew him off the field, you wouldn’t realize he has a completely different side to him.


Williams hails from Montbello High School in Denver, Colo. It was there that Williams began to emerge as a star both on and off the field. On the field he was a three-year starter while playing three positions (tight end, guard and defensive end). All three years he earned all-city honors, and was selected by the Denver Post as one of the state’s top 15 players. He also made the Principal’s Honor Roll for three years. 


But all was not so good in Denver for Williams, particularly the weather. When offered a football scholarship to play for the University of Arizona, Williams wasted no time in making one of the biggest decisions of his life.


“I played a couple games in blizzards in Denver, and I was just tired of the snow,” Williams said.


With his bags packed for Tucson, Williams had no idea what the next four years had in store for him. As with most college athletes, adjusting to the demands of college life was difficult at first.


“It took me a little while to adjust to being on my own,” Williams said. “To not have anyone there to get me up in the morning and to discipline myself to go to class and take care of my business was hard.”


Luckily for Williams, support was not hard to find. His family always has been a big influence in life.


“My family is my biggest supporter,” Williams said.


It is with this family where you will find the more subdued Williams.

“I consider myself a pretty relaxed person,” Williams said. “I like to listen to my CD player and stay relaxed.”


“Carlos is a real private person (off the field),” defensive line coach Mike Tuiasosopo said. “It’s hard to get to know him that way. As a student-athlete a lot of his time is consumed.”


As a senior, Williams has endured a long and tumultuous four years on the football field. Having played for a number of position coaches and even head coaches, Williams has learned perseverance the hard way.


“The coaching changes have been hard, but that’s the way it goes,” Williams said. “They come in and come out but you just have to learn what each coach expects out of you.”


With the arrival of head coach Mike Stoops and his staff, the expectations for all the players are higher than ever before, especially for Williams.


“He’s a big part of what we do,” Stoops said. “Our defensive line and how well they play is going to depend a lot on Carlos. He’s got to play a big position and take up a lot of space inside. He’s a very good player and we expect great things from him.”


Williams’ expectations for himself aren’t far behind.


“I just want to stay healthy and make big plays,” Williams said. “That’s all I’m out here to do; to make big plays and help this team win.”


It is with this team that Williams sees himself finishing his Arizona career successfully.


“I expect us to win all out,” he said.  “I want every team that comes in here to know they are in for a fight.”


Opposing offenses may not know how much of a fight they are in for when Williams lines up across from them.


“I get pretty amped up,” he said. “I do a lot of yelling and screaming, but that’s the type of player I am. A lot of players are different, but that’s how I am.”


Not exactly the same relaxed, laid-back man that he is off the field.


One thing does remain the same for Williams on the field and off, and that is family.


“Being out here with the guys and traveling as a team, the unity of it all, it’s your family away from home,” he explained.


Perhaps his two families could come together at the end of the season if the Wildcats were to play in a bowl game.


“It would be my first bowl game and my last bowl game,” Williams said. “That would be a great way to go out.”


Article first appeared in the Sept. 18 Arizona football game program

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