Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
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By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Arizona Women's Basketball
January 22, 2000
USC @ Arizona

USC Head Coach Chris Gobrecht:
We did a good job in the first half on the boards, but we have to stop turning the stupid ball over. If you don't press us, you are on drugs. There are so many factors that contribute to our losing, that we just have to working hard and keep improving.

Like I said, turnovers are our number one problem. It is a matter of fundamentals out there. We had people take the ball out of our hands today. Can we fix our fundamentals? We just have to keep working and improving. We have a lot of inexperience and a lot of new faces out there for us every time we take the floor.

It is so discouraging because we could defend tonight, but we just gave it back to them 29 times. Whimpyness was the common theme for us tonight... timidness. Obviously I was pleased that we got their lead down to three, but it was discouraging how quickly it went right back up again.

Our attacking nature got us back into the game tonight and then it hurt us because we just couldn't keep up. The Arizona kids are very aggressive and we are not. That part of our game is a huge problem for us.

USC @ Arizona
January 22, 2000
McKale Center

Coach Joan Bonvicini Quotes:

We have to give credit to USC's defense. They were pretty tough throughout the entire game. I thought that we also did well on defense especially in the last five minutes of the game when we really picked up our intensity.

Krista Warren did an outstanding job in her first start. We told her that she would play until she got tired, and she did. She is a great scorer, and she understands the game well. She's really very smart.

We have a week to prepare for ASU. They are a much better team than they were a year ago and they will be as ready for us as we are for them.

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