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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/11/2007
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 12, 2007
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Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“Fendi (Onobun) played with great enthusiasm tonight. It seemed like every time the ball was shot, he was up on the glass. He played great defense tonight, and he has shown that he has really improved in all aspects during practice.”


Nic Wise is out for personal reasons, but I can’t comment beyond that. I’ll have a comment on Sunday if there is one to be made beyond what I have said.”


“Defensively, we played well for a while and then it seemed like we had a horrible time trying to get five guys in unison to defend and we gave up a lot of drives to the middle, which brings our defense down. On the plus side, however, Fendi came in and gave us a real lift off the bench. He played hard and he was a big factor on the offensive boards for us.”


Chase Budinger did a better job on the glass tonight than he has done for a long time, so that was a plus. But there were huge negatives with turnovers. We had 14 of them and 10 were from our two seniors, and that’s certainly not something that can happen again.”


“I keep saying that defense is a full-time job and we have some guys who think that it is a part-time job. Unfortunately, in some of those situations, some of our top offensive guys aren’t doing the job defensively that we need to have. Until we can be consistent on the defensive end, we are not going to be consistent at all.”


“We’ll be challenged on Sunday. Oregon will be the quickest team that we have faced as well as one of the top three point shooting teams.”


“We had some really good looks in the first half and for the most part, in the second half as well. There were times where I thought Ivan (Radanovic) had had some really good looks and for some reason he kept turning that shot down. He’s one of our top shooters so he needs to shoot the ball.”


“It’s good to be back home, but we need to show our defense with five guys, not three or four, but everybody.”


Arizona Player Quotes


Senior Guard Mustafa Shakur


“As long as I get my rest, that’s the biggest thing for me.  If I just get my rest and eat right; I’ll be fine.”


On Fendi Onobun’s play:

“He gave us some very positive minutes out there.”


Freshman Forward Chase Budinger


On the matchup against Oregon this Sunday:

“It’s going to be an up-tempo game.  Both teams like to get up and down the floor.  They shoot the ball well, so we’ll have to make sure we defend.”


“We came out fired up and ready to play with the big lead early in the game.”


“I was just doing my thing in the first half.  My teammates found me and I was attacking.  In the second half I passed the ball a bit more and took on a different role.”


On achieving a double-double:

“That was an emphasis.  The coaches wanted me to get on the glass more and get that double-double.”


Sophomore Forward Marcus Williams


“I was able to be in the right spot at the right time and knock some shots down.  My teammates found me and I was able to hit the shots.”


“We tried to jump on them and make sure they didn’t get much confidence coming into the building.  We did that, but let them back into it a bit in the second half.”


“[Fendi Onobun] played really well.  He got some rebounds and did his job.  If he does that the coaches [will likely] continue to give him playing time.”


Senior Forward Ivan Radenovic


“[In the first half], we played pretty solid game.  In the second half we made some mistakes.  They were freshman mistakes that me and ?'Staf shouldn’t make.”


On the extra day between now and the Oregon game:

“It’s definitely going to be a big game.  It’s nice to have more time to prepare and to get rested for the game.”
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