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Arizona Postgame Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 20, 2002
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Nov. 20, 2002

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Head Coach Lute Olson

"We were horrible defensively last week, but we were much better tonight. We made a big improvement from a week ago. Defensively, we have to put extreme pressure on the ball, and every ball has to be contested. We are not there yet, but we are getting better. We are going to have our hands full every week, so we have to continue to improve every week."

"We are still making some mistakes on our rotations and some screens, but we picked that up in the second half. We did a much better job of anticipating the plays tonight."

"If we are going to be successful with the press, it has to be all five guys. If one guy lets up, we're in trouble. We can't have anybody out there who is not going full speed ahead. If you let up defensively, regardless of how many minutes you've played, you're going to be out of there."

"Luke Walton had seven assists and one turnover, and Jason Gardner had six assists and one turnover, which is really key to have those numbers. That is what we need out of those two guys every game. Jason Gardner is doing a great job of doing what we need to have him do in order for us to be successful. Luke Walton did a very good job of moving the ball around."

"Andre Iguodala was our player of the game. He was outstanding, and he did so many things well defensively. He led us on the boards, and he made an unbelievable improvement from a week ago."

"In the second half, Isaiah Fox played very well, and Dennis Latimore really went hard and did a nice job."

"Western Kentucky is a very quick team, and there will be a lot of challenges for us in that game. They can score at all five positions, and this is a team that can play with anybody. This game definitely will be a true test for us."

Arizona Player Quotes

Senior Jason Gardner:
"Overall, we played well, I thought we moved the ball better and played defense a little better than against EA Sports."

"(Luke Walton)'s been at almost every practice except a couple so he's gotten right back in there."

"That's one of the biggest things about our team, there's not one guy on our team where you say 'We have to shut him down.' That's one of our advantages that anyone can score 25 points on any night."

Sophomore Will Bynum:
"I was in a nice, little rhythm tonight. I feel relaxed out there because that's my style of play - up-tempo. I feel good out there. It's a perfect match for me to go out there and go full speed and then have someone else go out there and go full speed."

On Arizona's 27-3 run in the first half:
"With the type of players we've got, we can go on a run like that at any time in the game."

"It's basketball, I've learned a lot since I've been here with Coach Olson. We were more efficient in the press tonight that we were against EA Sports. We (Gardner and Bynum) play well together because we go so hard against each other in practice so when we play with each other, it's easy. We did a lot better job tonight than we did last week. And by Saturday, we should be ready."

Senior Rick Anderson:
"Last week, we weren't as accurate. It seemed like last week we were still learning. This week, we did a little better with the press."

Senior Luke Walton:
On the freshmen:
"They've always been good players, now they're showing it on the floor. It was fun to get back out there. I don't think we did as well out there as we should have. But we did better than last week."

"(Being able to go on big runs like in the first half) is the bonus of the press. We're going to go on runs like that. That's the strategy of the press-to press and run them so teams that aren't as deep us get tired. If you're going to press, you can't let down because they're going to get easy buckets."

On Saturday's game against Western Kentucky:
"It's the first real game, we're going to have a lot of energy."

On being on the Sports Illustrated cover:
"It's fun to see it, but it doesn't really mean anything."

"When we have our scrimmages in practice with five of our guys on each side, it's hard. But here when you get breaks, it's easier. But it does get more physical because it's another team."

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