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Arizona State at Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/2/2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 02, 2005
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Jan. 2, 2005


Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“I thought we did a great job defensively tonight. But we got them to the free throw line 15 times in the second half, and we can’t do that.”


“There’s no doubt our guys know how to shoot the ball. We just have to be more patient sometimes.”


“Between Mustafa (Shakur) and Salim (Stoudamire), they were eight for 10 from three-point range. Neither of them are forcing any shots. They were outstanding in every phase of the game. (They had) one turnover apiece, and defensively, I thought they really kept the pressure on the ASU guards.”


“I thought that as a team, we did a good job of taking care of the basketball. We forced 19 turnovers, so we had extra possessions as a result. The turnovers are a key stat.”


“Overall I thought it was a good, solid performance. We did a reasonably good job on boards.”


“Ike (Diogu) is a load inside and he has great, great hands. He’s not somebody who talks or shows a lot of emotion, he just plays. He’s a good guy. But the only time he had open looks is when he turned and faced the defenders and shot the ball over them.”


“We sometimes don’t realize that other teams have guys who, while they can’t shoot the ball as well as Salim (Stoudamire), they can still shoot it. If a guy’s a great shooter, you just better not let him get the ball in the air.”


“Playing at home, you don’t get as tired as you do on the road. With eight or 10 minutes left, you could see our defense was starting to get to them.”


“I don’t think (Kevin Kruger) got any threes in the second half. In the second half we took the three-point game away from them for the most part.”


“Channing (Frye) played well again. He still needs to keep out of foul trouble so we can get more minutes out of him.”


Postgame Quotes ?- Arizona Players


Senior Center Channing Frye: “I think it came together when we started cutting off their offense.  They are a good half court team, and they have good shooters now.  We stepped it up on defense, and that helped.”


“We are doing alright.  We are used to the pace of the game, and we know how teams are going to play us.  We just need to be more focused.  I need to not let things get to me and play more aggressive.”


“He [Ike Diogu] is always fun to play against.  He did what he had to do for his team.  We were just able to cut them off on offense.”


Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur: “Our defense is really locking down.  We made some mistakes, but we got on those.”


“I’ve been putting in a lot of extra time in the gym.  It is starting to come together now.  I’ve been working hard for situations like when Salim [Stoudamire] is getting double-teamed.”


“[Arizona State] is better.  We just showed how much better we are.”


“I wanted to provide that energy and spark.  Somebody has to get the energy going until everyone gets going.”


“I guess I got a lot of rest over the weekend.  I was ready and fired up.  Coach [Lute] Olson has been fired up and on me all week.”


Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire: “My teammates did a good job of finding me open.  I’m just going to continue shooting the ball as long as I can.”


“We already know what to expect.  We just have to play tough on defense, and the offense will come together.  We were able to get our hands in their face.”


“This is just another game for us.  It’s a rival and a fun atmosphere to play in.  That’s Arizona basketball.  We had to prove that we are the best team around.”


“Mustafa [Shakur] shot the ball with confidence tonight.  They are going to find me no matter what, but he helps me out.  It’s all about cashing in on open looks.”

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