Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 14, 2003
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Dec. 14, 2003

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Arizona head coach Joan Bonvicini

"Texas State made a nice run in the first half. We made some changes and Cocoa (Sanford) was a spark plug for us."

"I told our team to stop second guessing about shooting the three. Once I said that the basket seemed to open up to the size of a swimming pool and our shots starting going down."

"It is nice to see everyone score. We were able to rest our starters by playing our bench."

"Over all, I was very pleased with our play. We shot better from the field. We are shooting a lot of free throws."

"From now on, there are no easy games. Next week's game will be a big game for both New Mexico and Arizona."

"I wasn't sure if Dee-Dee (Wheeler) was going to play. Dee-Dee (Wheeler) is a tough kid. She played a lot of minutes today."

"Our shooting showed great confidence for our team. We have been working hard on our jumpers."

"Texas State was double- and triple-teaming Polkey (Polk), but our guards started hitting their jumpers. I want Polkey to rebound more."

Junior guard Dee-Dee Wheeler:
"To land on my ankle was painful every time. I played through it; I'm a soldier."

"We have to start playing the whole 40 minutes. We have had spurts of aggressiveness and intensity. We haven't played a complete 40 minutes yet."

"We have been working all week. We were really hitting open shots in the second half."

"I was in a boot until game time. I didn't know if I was going to play. Ana (Ferguson) and I decided about an hour before the game that I would play."

"We have a lot of things to work on before New Mexico next week. We have to play the full 40 minutes."

"Aimee (Grzyb) started opening up the threes. She made great decisions. I hope she continues to shoot well after this game."

"CoCoa (Sanford) really got in there to get the rebounds. She led the rest of the team in terms of rebounding."

Senior guard Aimee Grzyb:
"I was open more in the second half. I focused on bending my knees because that has been a problem for me. They left me open, and Coach told me to shoot when I'm open."

"They were concerned about Polkey (Polk). When I got the ball, they were all on Polkey and didn't even come out to guard me."

"I never stop shooting. I am a shooter. I am going to shoot."

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