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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/13/2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 14, 2005
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson quotes:


“Chris (Rodgers) has been playing very well in practice situations. I told him it’s not whether you start the game, it’s how you finish it. He did great off the bench.”


“We did a much better job of tightening up the defense after halftime. We forced 23 turnovers, so we ended up with 11 more possessions.”


“We like to see out reserves play. It was great to get Kirk Walters in there. He’s been playing really well in practice situations. He just needs time. We need him. He’ll be a big difference for us.”


“With Kirk Walters, we’ve been toying with the idea of putting him in because he’s been playing so well in practice. He’s obviously going to be in the lineup next year, so we need to get him his experience.”


“Kirk (Walters) right now is where I thought he’d be a year from now. It’s strange for him to be in mid-January and it’s his first game. The guys love to play with him because he sees people well and he’ll find open people. There’s no question we need him. We can’t afford to have him sit out.”


“I think Ivan (Radenovic) came out in the second half and played very, very well. He got some big rebounds and hit some shots for us.”


“Salim (Stoudamire) has been so team-conscious about moving the ball. I told him that if he’s open, shoot the ball. Yesterday in practice I don’t think he missed a shot. It’s to the point where if he misses it, the guys are surprised. He’s just so conscious of making that extra pass and getting everybody involved. I told him he’s the best shooter in the country, and to take the shot if it’s there. Don’t pass it to a 34 percent shooter when you’re a 59 percent shooter.”


“Salim (Stoudamire) made a shot tonight about eight feet outside the three-point line, which is fine with me because he drains that in practice, too.”


“The primary thing about the second half is that we only turned it over three times. In the first half we turned it over 9 times. In the first half we gave up 20 points off penetration. In the second half, they got only three points off us.”


“In the second half we tried to play them as tough as we could on half court.”


“We ended up with 15 extra possessions, which makes up for our shooting percentage, which I’m not happy about.”


Arizona Players:


Sophomore Center Kirk Walters:

“When coach told me not to lift on Tuesday and Wednesday, I knew something was up.  Coach said that I was ready and a little more help in the post would be good.  I was as surprised as anyone.”


“I did miss the first half of the season, but there are still a lot more games to be played.  It felt great being out there again.”


“We are doing great things defensively.  The problem is on offense, where we are a little shaky.”


“I’ll bring whatever I can to the team.  I’ll get in there and grab a few rebounds and play tough.”


“We play real aggressively and are constantly passing.  We may be working too hard.”


Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire:

“I want to open up my game and be myself when I’m out there on the court.”


“I was really surprised and upset that we didn’t come out and play better.  We need to have a team meeting.  Guys can’t only look out for themselves.  Either you have it or you don’t.  It’s something inside you.  Some of us have it.  We have to get on the same page.”


“The dunk felt good, but it’s just two points.  You’ve got to keep playing.”


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