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Arizona's Pickens Receives Bronze Medal at ATT USA Diving Nationals
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: August 12, 2011
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Aug. 12, 2011


Arizona sophomore Samantha Pickens (Murrysville, Pa.) recorded the best finish of her career and earned a bronze medal in the 1-meter at the ATT USA Diving Nationals at UCLA on Thursday.

Pickens came into the event in eighth place and finished the day in third.

"Samantha was terrific today on the boards,” Arizona head diving coach Michele Mitchell said. “She really remained in control of her diving throughout the prelims and finals, not missing one dive in either list.  She has come a long way in one year at Arizona and I'm so proud of her performance.  She has put herself on the diving map."

Arizona senior Ben Grado (Conifer, Colo.) also qualified for the 3-meter springboard finals on Thursday, finishing in 13th place.

"Ben's shoulder was pretty sore after the quarter and semifinals on the platform yesterday,” Mitchell said. “He did a great job just staying steady. It wasn't his best finish on 3-meter but it was good enough to get into to the finals where the contestants will start with a score of zero.  He's done a great job here in Los Angeles and I know he will be ready to go in the finals."

Diving competition will continue through the weekend, with the finals for the Championships on Sunday televised on NBC.  Results and live scoring are available at


AT&T National Diving Championships
Results – August 11, 2011

Men’s 3-meter Semifinal (top 12 advance to finals)

1. Troy DUMAIS, Longhorn Aquatics, 454.85;2. Christopher COLWILL, Georgia Diving Club, 440.35;3. Drew LIVINGSTON, Longhorn Aquatics, 426.60;4. Justin DUMAIS, YCF Diving Team, 413.35;5. Aaron FLESHNER, Unattached, 405.80;6. Dwight DUMAIS, Longhorn Aquatics, 404.95;7. Logan SHINHOLSER, H2okie Aquatics, 394.15;8. Greg FERRUCCI, Kentucky Diving Club, 392.45;9. Brandon WATSON, Unattached, 387.90;10. Samuel DORMAN, Unattached, 384.50;11. Kristian IPSEN, Diablo Divers, 380.70;12. David MACDONALD, Whirlwind Diving, 372.15;13. Benjamin GRADO, Tucson Diving Team, 372.00;14. Chris HEATON, Unattached, 363.80;15. Michael HIXON, Unattached, 350.70;15. Cole YOUNG, McCormick Divers, 350.70;17. Roberto EBERSOLE, GC Diving, 347.25;18. Cameron BRADSHAW, Sun Devil Divers, 345.15;19. Zachary NEES, Indiana Diving, 334.05;20. Jesse RAPPAPORT, Indiana Diving, 293.90;


Cut after preliminaries
21. Bryce KLEIN, GC Diving, 329.10;22. Devin BURNETT, Mustangs in the Sun, Inc., 323.30;23. Dashiell ENOS, Unattached, 321.85;24. Micha  el MOSCA, Unattached, 315.65;25. Noah GARCIA, Ft Lauderdale Diving Team, 313.15;26. Dhruv TYAGI, Upstate NY Diving, 309.05;27. Darian SCHMIDT, Indiana Diving, 306.45;28. David PIERCY, Indiana Diving, 304.10;29. Ford MCLINEY, Jayhawk Diving Club, 297.45;30. Michael WRIGHT, Tennessee Diving, 295.05;31. Lester WRIGHT, Mission Viejo, 293.30;32. Joshua BIDAK, Clavadistas del Sol, 274.95;33. Finn SCRIBBICK, San Antonio Divers, 259.85;


Women’s 1-meter Final

1. Amanda BURKE, Unattached, 270.10;2. Erin MERTZ, Purdue University, 270.00;3. Samantha Pickens, Tucson Diving Team, 264.05;4. Kassidy COOK, Woodlands Diving Academy, 263.65;5. Courtney FORCUCCI, Unattached, 239.35;6. Meili CARPENTER, Wings Diving, 234.65;7. Deidre FREEMAN, University of Iowa, 230.80;8. Lisa FAULKNER, Unattached, 218.90;


Cut after semifinals
9. Victoria ISHIMATSU, Unattached, 249.10;10. Jennifer CHIANG, Pitt Aquatic Club, 245.95;11. Katie CARTER, Unattached, 244.25;12. Christina LOUKAS, Woodlands Diving Academy, 241.45;13. Stephanie PHIPPS, Stanford Diving, 238.75;14. Logan KLINE, Indiana Diving, 234.20;15. Lindsay LESTER, Unattached, 229.60;16. Summer ALLMAN, Legacy Diving, 218.95;17. Kate HILLMAN, Indiana Diving, 217.55;18. Alexandra BETTRIDGE, Longhorn Aquatics, 212.10;19. Meghan HOUSTON, Longhorn Aquatics, 211.75;20. Sharon FINN, Unattached, 210.55;21. Loren FIGUEROA, Conroe Diving Club, 207.50;22. Lesley VIZURRAGA, Legacy Diving, 207.10;23. Olivia BALL, Ohio State Diving Clu  b, 207.05;24. Victoria LAMP, Tennessee Diving, 202.35;25. Molly HAYES, Unattached, 199.70;26. Vennie DANTIN, Auburn Diving, 199.35;27. Amanda LOHMAN, Unattached, 198.10;28. Lacey HOUSER, Starz Diving Club, 195.50;29. Kelsey GOODMAN, Unattached, 192.45;30. Christina KOUKLAKIS, Indiana Diving, 180.75;31. Cosima LENZ, Unattached, 173.20;32. Veronica RYDZE, Unattached, 172.70;33. Ciera CORTNEY, Rebel Dive Club, 156.30;


Synchronized Women’s Platform Final

1. Amy COZAD, Indiana Diving, 295.92;1. Amy KORTHAUER, Indiana Diving, 295.92;2. Jessica PARRATTO, Unattached, 291.00;2. Anna JAMES, City of Midland, 291.00;3. Haley ISHIMATSU, Unattached, 264.42;3. Victoria ISHIMATSU, Unattached, 264.42;4. Emma IVORY-GANJA, Woodlands Diving Academy, 248.73;4. Kendall MCCLENNEY, Woodlands Diving Academy, 248.73;5. Logan KLINE, Indiana Diving, 219.90;5. Kate HILLMAN, Indiana Diving, 219.90;6. Samantha BROMBERG, Ohio State Diving Club, 199.35;6. Eszter PRYOR, Ohio State Diving Club, 199.35






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