Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Championship Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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May 28, 2001

On winning the game:
"I told our team that this was the team and now was the time to get back here and play well. I thought that overall, offensively, we struggled but when we needed a key hit, we got it. We played great defense and got great pitching. My hats off to our players. They absolutely competed as hard as I've ever seen. My highlight of the weekend was just watching them celebrate from the dugout because, as a coach, that's probably the neatest thing you'll ever get to see."

On the development of Jennie Finch:
"I really think that she has done a tremendous job developing mentally. She's a very mentally tough pitcher. With Jennie Finch this year, I've always felt like she could throw the pitch when we need her to. She's a very active thinker and is not going to throw something that she is not committed to. I think what separates the great pitchers from the average pitchers is being able to perform in crunch time."


On her pitching:
"I just wanted to come out and hit my spots and stay relaxed. We've faced them many times so I know a lot of their hitters. It was just a matter of hitting my spots and using my defense. I tried to keep my mind off the fact that we were in the final game and taking it one pitch at a time."

On emotions after winning:
"This is icing on the cake for us. We've had good teams all three years and our seniors I think our very deserving. I really can't describe how I'm feeling. I think it's hit us but I don't think it's really hit anybody yet. Probably not until tomorrow when we wake up."

On the game:
"It's unfortunate that we didn't capitalize. We had a handful of opportunities to score some runs and our goal coming into today was to compete, pitch-by-pitch, and we did that. We got our hits. We just didn't have the timely hitting. This is a club that came in today very confident knowing that we were doing so many things well, in the pitching department, hitting as a team, our defense. What you learn about this day and what makes it special is that everything up to this point boosts your confidence, but you've got to get it done the last day. I tip my cap to Arizona. They did what they had to do. When they got their one opportunity they took a swing at it and they got it. On behalf of the Bruins, I just want to congratulate them for their accomplishment and the play they demonstrated the past weekend. I think that Amanda Freed went out there and did a terrific job. She got in a pinch a couple of times and came through with us. Unfortunately, we could not support her in doing the little things. We need to get the bunt down because that would have put is us in better opportunities to score. But at the same time we had our key hitters up. At any point I got the feeling we were going to bust out and get it done. I felt so good about it and it didn't happen. A couple of broken down plays that cost us. It's a team effort, both on good day and bad days. There's a lot of things we didn't get done as a team and unfortunately we came up short today."

On Arizona's Jennie Finch:
"She's a great pitcher but I think that we were right there with her. Like coach said we didn't do the little things. I think that we were just a swing away from winning the championship ourselves. She did a good job but I have so much confidence in our hitters and we kept it close. We did our job up there."

On her arm:
"You work all season to get here. Just getting here makes us proud and just being in the uniform. We could have had the game but they got it. It was going to be anybody's ballgame today. Knowing that there is nobody else, no other players, no other team that I'd rather go down with than our team. We're just so close. We're just proud to wear UCLA and we know that we'll be back next year and this isn't our last chance."