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Courtside Conversations ? Feb. 21, 2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 20, 2005
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In world that is filled with violence, fear and exploitation, it is good to know that sometimes life is fair. It is good to know that still, even today, good things happen to good people. Case in point ?- Arizona forward Anna Chappell.


Anna is a 6-1 junior forward from Qualicum Beach, British Columbia. During her time at Kwalicum Senior Secondary High School, Anna was an unstoppable scoring machine. She was a three-time team MVP choice and averaged an astounding 28.5 points per game and 12 rebounds per game. She earned Provincial and Island All-Star awards. In short, Anna was British Columbia girl’s high school basketball!


However, since arriving in Arizona, Anna has come back down to earth. Her lack of athleticism has limited her playing time, and for the past two seasons she has averaged just 2.6 minutes per game, and most of that time came after the final outcome had been decided.


But Anna never gave up. Even though she had to have been disappointed because of her lack of playing time, she kept her head up. She worked hard in practice and became a favorite of her teammates. She is an excellent student, earning numerous awards and guess what? She is now playing “real” minutes for the Wildcats!


We move now to Gill Coliseum on the campus of Oregon State University. It is February 17, and the Wildcats are in a tough struggle with the Beavers. Danielle Adefeso is on the Arizona bench with four fouls and Anna Chappell is in the game. Tonight, she will log 15 minutes, but she isn’t about to just play out her time and head back to the bench. Instead, she will hit two key jumpers to stave off Oregon State runs and help her team win an important road game. Isn’t that just like Anna? She takes advantage of her chances and works her tail off. Her work ethic and never-quit attitude are paying dividends. She is averaging nearly six minutes per game, but her playing time is increasing with each passing game. Her season high of 16 minutes came in a game earlier this season against California.


So who would have thought that this unlikely hero would step forward and become a huge asset off of the bench for Joan Bonvicini? Coach B told me on her weekly coach’s show that she likes playing Anna alongside Polkey because of Anna’s shooting ability. Nice praise for a player that once played only at garbage time!


The moral of the story is this: Don’t ever give up. Anna could have called it quits. After all, many before her have thrown in the towel. But not Anna Chappell; quitting is just not in her genes. In a world that sometimes seems so hard and so unfair, it’s good to know that good things still happen to good people!


See you on the radio!

Paul Johnson


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