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20070713 Countdown to Camp (2)
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: July 13, 2007
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TUCSON--Arizona's fall football camp opens the first week in August, when coaches can work together with 105 players for a couple of dedicated weeks before the University of Arizona Fall Semester opens.

In the meantime, simply ponders UA football in general...

The 13... ?? Depth charts are?documents?normally?for people other than football coaches and players to view. ?(Except the opponentsˇ?, and vice versa.) ?What player doesn't know where he is in the pecking order? For UA, there is more?pecking this year. Arizona's depth chart includes 13 positions on offense. The reason -- the new offense includes two more potential statistics-accumulating positions. Coordinator Sonny Dykes added a 'small tight end" and a "small H-back" -- receivers -- to better apportion the available personnel into job-related duties befitting their skills. You only can play 11, but Arizona will shuffle skill-position guys in at varying roles when it substitutes. The options are many and the choice of personnel will come down to Dykes and his staffˇ?

Route STE...?? So, the top "small tight end" is senior receiver Anthony Johnson. He was said to have enjoyed a most productive spring practice, and found some serious dividends in his new position. His start as a speed-option quarterback against Oregon State last year is a forgotten moment. Johnson is a three-year letterman with a career total of 71 receptions for 821 yards. Three or four guys in existing models of Arizonaˇ?s offense catch that many in one season. A stronger and mature A.J. could find himself in the middle of some good things in 2007. He can be as "hot" in the formation as any of the other guys running routes on a play ?C the X, Z, RB, SHB or TE, for example.

Johnsonˇ?s Career Totals - 33 games, 19 starts; 71 receptions for 821 yards; six touchdowns

High or Low??? Itˇ?s early for this one, but where will Mike Stoops put his guys ?C notably the new ones -- during games? Will Dykes want himself, passing game coordinator Darrell Wyatt (WRs) and running game coordinator Bill Bedenbaugh (OL) in the pressbox or down on the field? RBs coach Michael Smith? Tight ends coach Dana Dimel was upstairs last year, calling plays in the latter half of the year, and as a former head coach knows very well what the view is supposed to provide. On defense, coordinator Mark Stoops has been a downstairs guy, with LBs coach Tim Kish providing the view from above. Grad assistants normally are upstairs helping out. In the final analysis you need communicative people in both places ?C someone to look the players in the eye and provide leadership, and someone to convey to those coaches what the broader picture provides.

New Guys are Old Handsˇ???The Wildcat newcomers check in at football offices on July 31. So what? Many of them will have been on campus for two months, in Summer Session I or II plus working diligently with strength coaches. The year-round nature of the game is clear. The summer activity helps the indoctrination process for a new college student-athlete tremendously, notably to build a good foundation for the academic responsibilities that will hit hard on the first day of fall classes Aug. 20ˇ?

Eighth???Most of the preseason football rags pick Arizona to finish somewhere near eighth in the Pac-10. If returning 19 starters who helped craft twin victories over ranked teams in November isnˇ?t enough to form some persuasion, then please note the use of the word ˇ®rag.ˇ?

Doublesˇ???The voice of the Wildcats, Brian Jeffries of Host Communications/KCUB, wonˇ?t be able to say "Tuitamaˇ?s pass is caught by Turner," and heˇ?ll have to watch his Terrells closely, too. The Cats have receivers Terrell Turner and Terrell Reese, and Mike Turner. The latter played in the secondary during his redshirt freshman season a year ago but will be open fall camp at the small H-back position to compete with redshirt junior B.J. Dennard and incoming freshman William "Bug" Wrightˇ? That position change is the only noticeable switch on UAˇ?s chart. Turner (Mike) is one of the Cats potential kick return specialists ?C along with Mike Thomas, Dennard and possibly redshirt freshman cornerback Devin Rossˇ?

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