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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 2/20/2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: February 21, 2005
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson


“I think they had an incentive of it being their buddy’s last home game and it meant a lot to them. They were not going to let them go out of here without a win.”


“Over the last few weeks it’s been unbelievable how they’ve played. Getting the ball up and down the court, playing good defense. It’s been good.


“I was really pleased with Hassan [Adams] over all. He had five steals, 13 points. He was giving it his all every play.”


“They are a competitive group. There isn’t a day that goes by in practice when they aren’t going after each other. You learn the game in practice.”


“You can really feel for these four seniors. Joe [Williams], it’s unbelievable how much time he puts in. The managers really put in a lot of hours to make sure everything goes right, they are here an hour and a half before practice setting everything up. Matt [Brase] has become a crowd favorite, it was good to see him get the opportunity to score today. What more can you say about Channing [Frye] and Salim [ Stoudamire]. They have started all four years and it’s pretty obvious they’ve worked hard to become better basketball players.”


“In the country I’d like to compare Salim’s numbers against anyone.”


“It’s been exciting. I also was to mention how great our crowd has been this year. As a program we are excited to have that support.”



Arizona Players’ Postgame Quotes


Senior Center Channing Frye:

“It was kind of sad because this was my last home game.  I am happy about how we played for the most part and that all the fans came out.”


“I can’t settle for this.  I want to go further and do bigger and better things.”


“We got on them early, and we played really hard to begin.  Salim (Stoudamire) was disgustingly good today.  I was just out there doing my thing and grabbing rebounds.”


“It was good to have my family come out.  The game was fun, but I wasn’t enjoying it until the second half.  That’s when I really got going.”


Senior Forward Matt Brase:

“Coach (Lute Olson) said my shot should have counted.  I got it off before I hit the guy.”


“I couldn’t ask for a better game from the seniors.  We knew Salim (Stoudamire) had a chance at the record, and it was only a matter of time before he would get it.”


“This has been a great experience.  I’ve probably seen every game while growing up.  I just want to stay involved for as long as possible.”


Senior Guard Salim Stoudamire:

“It was fun.  I have to credit Mustafa (Shakur) for finding me.  I’ve been feeling strong for a while with my threes.”


“I thought (Coach Olson) was going to put me back in.  I was going to kiss the floor.”


“(Oregon State) tried to push me around and get in my face.  I’m used to it by now.  They do it all the time.  We won the game, and that’s the most important thing.”


“If I’m not shooting, I can do other things.”


“It didn’t start hitting me until right before the game that this was the last home game.  I kind of got upset.”


“It means a lot that my family came.  They’ve always supported me.”


“All the seniors have been good buddies.  We hang out a lot.  I’m proud of Matt (Brase).  I thought he would get a dunk at the end, but he must have gone out last night.”


“It’s just been a goal of mine to graduate.  I’ve only got a couple more classes.”


Sophomore Guard Mustafa Shakur:

“Salim has the hot hand. When someone is as hot as him, you do everything you can to get him as many touches as possible.”


“I think everyone came out knowing that we needed to play tough. We knew we had to keep playing the way we’ve been playing. I didn’t know that Salim was even close to the record until he actually got it.”


Junior Forward Hassan Adams:

“As a team we wanted to play hard for the seniors. Salim works on his shooting too hard not to have almost perfected it. He has had a great attitude towards the team.”


“We knew the first half was getting the butterflies out. We came out in the first half and settled down to play our game.”


“We will be ready for Washington and Washington State, then we play ASU. We want to end these games at 3-0. Then we will go to the Pac-10 Tournament. I love playing on the road.”



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