Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Stifling Wildcat Defense Dominates Scrimmage
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: April 08, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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TUCSON, Ariz. ?- The Arizona football team held its second open scrimmage of the spring, and its last before the April 22 Spring Game on Saturday at Arizona Stadium.


The Wildcat defense allowed only four scores in the 76-play workout, which included 44 pass plays and 32 runs.


“I thought our defense did really well throughout the day, except for that one big play [to Steptoe for 78 yards],” third-year head coach Mike Stoops said after the scrimmage. “We’re getting good positioning on the ball, and that made it tough for the offense to move the ball up the field or get any kind of tempo or rhythm going.


“Last year, we didn’t play that well defensively as a team.  You can attribute a lot of that to the injuries we had to our linebackers, as well as guys not knowing their assignments.  Just like it takes a quarterback a year to learn an offense and how to lead a team, it’s the same as a linebacker on the other side of the ball,” Stoops continued.  “We have a lot of experience coming back at linebacker and in the secondary, so we’re all excited about that.”


Adam Austin led the first scoring drive, which went for seven plays, including a 45-yard completion to Bobby McCoy to open the drive.  A 10-yard run and an incompletion later, Austin found tight end Aaron Anderson for a 23-yard strike to out the offense on the one-yard line.  Two rushes later, Xavier Smith found the end zone on a two-yard rush between the tackles.


The defense held the Austin and Tuitama-led offensive troops scoreless for four drives, until redshirt freshman running back Terry Longbons took control on three consecutive running plays that totaled 62 yards.  One play later, Austin capped off the four-play drive with a 13-yard pass to McCoy for a score.


After a scoreless drive, Tuitama and the first-teamers found the end zone for the first time, when he connected with Syndric Steptoe for a 78-yard scoring play up the right sideline.


Chris Henry tacked on the last score of the day, with a 3-yard run on a drive which included a 17-yard blast by Henry.









Statistics (Scrimmage Only)

PASSING (17-36-342 yds, 2 TD):

Tuitama  9-24-153 yds, TD; Austin: 8-12-189 yds, TD


RUSHING (32-127 yds, 2 TD ?- sacks not included)

C. Henry 12-36 yds, TD; X. Smith 13-25 yds, TD; T. Longbons 3-62 yds; M. Thomas 1-2 yds; B. Dennard 1- -4 yds; Tuitama 1- -2 yds; Austin 1-8 yds



S. Steptoe 4-113 yds, TD; B. McCoy 4-82 yds; C. Henry 2-20 yds; B. McCall 2-15 yds; TD; yds; E. Sheehan 1-52 yds.; M. Richards 1-23 A. Anderson 1-18 yds; B. Dennard 1-11 yds; M. Thomas 1-5 yds



R. Palmer, 4; D. Patrick, 4; S. Larsen, 4; A. Cason, 3; D. Krogstad, 2; B. Tatum, 2; M. Johnson, 1; W. Fontenot, 1; M. Hollingsworth, 1; J. Mosley, 1; J. Harris, 1; G. Fields, 1; M. Shelton, 2; R. Parker, 1; Y. Barnett, 1; M. Richards, 1; C. Hall, 1; D. Bertrand, 1; J. Parker, 1; X. Kelley, 1; D. Horton, Jr., 1; J. Turner, 1; M. Smith, 1; W. Fontenot, 1



J. Parker ?- 2, J. Turner ?- 2, Y. Barnett ?- 1, L. Dotson ?- 1, M. Smith ?- 1, R. Parker ?- 1



S. Larsen ?- 2, D. Krogstad ?- 1, A. Cason ?- 1; #48 ?- 1



W. Fontenot ?- 1, S. Larsen ?- 1, A. Cason ?- 1, D. Patrick ?-1



C. Henry ?- 1, X. Smith ?- 1



R. Parker ?- 1, B. Tatum ?-1  

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