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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 12/20/2005
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 10, 2005
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes:


“The offense improved this game tremendously. We attacked the basket and then got back on defense, which was exactly what we needed to happen. Chris Rodgers did an outstanding job guarding his man. He had quick feet and stood with him the entire time, I was pleased with his performance, even though his shots didn’t fall. WE’ll keep working on that.”


“On defense we switched everything. We gave St. Mary’s a taste of our quickness and I think that really threw them off. Our defense the second half made it difficult for them to get quality shots and that’s what made the difference in the game. Our quickness made it difficult for their guards to find open people.”


“I told the guys that switching the defense has to be team effort. If I switch something the entire team has to learn to adjust right away.”


“(Hassan) Adams did a great job putting it together at both ends of the court. Defensively he kept on his man, and offensively he was outstanding. I was very happy with his performance as a leader. He did everything right and proved to be an outstanding force for us.”


“Hassan has great physical ability-- he can do amazing things. However, he needs to turn it on for the entire game. For the most part, what he did tonight was exactly what we needed to have done; he was leading this team from the start of the game in the locker room, all the way to the end. I told him that a leader is exactly what it says ?- they are out there pulling people; I think Hassan did a great job of that today.”


“Ivan (Radenovic) had a great defensive game as well. He guarded (Daniel) Kickert very well and held him to only seven points. Kickert usually averages about 28 points per game, but we sent him in at the half without a single point on the board. Ivan said that it wasn’t all his effort, but it was the team that helped hold Kickert to minimum points. That’s very true, it takes more than one player to stop a guy like that.”


“This was a really good game for us mentally. I was very impressed with St. Mary’s. They have really quick strong guards and a very physical team. I think that they are going to have a great season and they played really well against us.”


Arizona Student-Athlete Quotes


Senior Guard/Forward Hassan Adams


“I’m not a man, I’m a basketball player.  I just go out and set an example.  If [reporters] say ?'I’m the man,’ then that’s for you to say.  I’ve got two other seniors that I can go to, and I just play.”


“[When the you’re struggling with making jump shots] you just have to keep shooting the basketball.  You’ve got to have confidence in yourself and shoot the ball.  That goes for everybody.”


“[I felt winning this game] was up to me, and I’ll do whatever it takes: defense, scoring.  The team feeds off me, and when we get down I’ve got to bring us up.”


“I don’t think we’re playing like we should, but at the same time, I know it will come around.  I’m not worried.”


“I don’t worry about the skeptics’ [expectations].  It’s not for me to worry about.  I just go out there and play.”


Junior Guard Mustafa Shakur


“We’re coming along as a team.  We got the win and showed a lot of heart today, playing through everything and all.”


“[Coming off the win against NAU], I’ve been feeling, getting back into my game.  The game at Utah will be a tough one.  It should be a tough environment to play in.”


Freshman Forward Marcus Williams


“Whatever situation Coach puts me in I’m going to try and adapt to and be ready to do whatever I have to.”


“In the first half I started off a little slow. I just didn’t get into the flow.”


“Being the third option in the offense, I have to try and be aggressive. I did that in the second half.”


“The defense is what will win us a lot of our games. If our offense starts to click, whenever that is, we’re going to be a really good basketball team.”


“Chris (Rodgers) came in to start the second half and really gave us a lot of explosiveness on defense. He caused a lot of turnovers and lazy passes. He got them out of their game. He was a big factor for us in the second half.”



Junior Forward Ivan Radenovic


“It was a tough game. They are a good team. We played a tough first half, but played a lot better in the second half.”


“We’ve been shooting the threes well in practice, but we can’t make them in the game. We’ve gotten open shots, but haven’t made them.”


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