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Arizona Postgame Quotes, 1/21/2006
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 22, 2006
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Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes


“It was a very good result with these two wins this week given everything the guys had to go through. Defensively, I’m not sure we ever played any better that what we did today. The problem was that we couldn’t put the ball in the hole at the other end of the court.”


“You can see how good of a player (Leon) Powe is when he gets 23 (points) and 13 (rebounds) with wearing two guys practically the whole time and still he got points to help his team. Probably the two most telling stats were 3 of 16 from the three-point range for them. I think that’s an indication that we did a good job defending that shot.”


“The other stat that stands out is the 21 offensive rebounds. I think we are getting to the point where we are doing a much better job of anticipating shots and getting position before the defense has a chance to ?'chuck’ us out.”


I thought we got a good look from everyone that came in off of the bench. Fendi (Onobun) showed his capability but it was difficult for him to match-up with the other team because he is not accustomed to defending againsed great parameter shooters. The other problem was defending the players inside like Powe or (DeVon) Hardin because that is not an easy defensive situation either.”


“Mohamed (Tangara) did a good job when he came in. We haven’t given him much of a chance lately and we need to do more of that. He needs to get more time on the floor, even if it is only for a few minutes at a time. Because he’s always going to play hard, defend hard and go hard to the boards.”


“It was two productive games for us. There is one left in the first round (of the season) up at ASU and that will be a challenge, obviously the biggest game of the year so far for them. I’m sure they (ASU) will be ready for us, but I think our guys will be ready for them as well.”


“We were quicker to the ball (than Cal). They play three guards with two big guys so it should have been a big advantage for Marcus (Williams) and Hassan (Adams) as they both had high numbers rebounding. We had good balance with the rebounding.”


“We were playing so well on the defensive end that they were having trouble getting the offense set up. It was going down to the late clock before they even had a chance to look at the basket, so as a result it looked like we were playing a much slower game.”


Arizona Student-Athlete Quotes


Senior F Isaiah Fox


“We had 21 offensive rebounds and we knew that we had to win this one.  We shot the ball poorly, but we just kept pounding a way and found a way to win.”


“[Of our guys off the bench], I had a bucket, and Fendi [Onobun] played really well with six points.  Mohamed [Tangara] played pretty hard and got his hands on a lot of offensive rebounds to keep the possession alive.”


“You saw how we played [Leon] Powe.  We doubled him every time he had the ball.  He’s such a great player, and I thought we did a good job in the first half, and a good job overall.”


“I’m looking forward to the game against ASU [on Wednesday].  They always play us tough up there, and we won’t have a hard time getting up for that one.”


Freshman F Marcus Williams


“It was a good win for us.  We showed that when you don’t shoot the ball our best that we can still win.  Everyone’s role was big this game.  I couldn’t throw the ball in the ocean today, but I tried to contribute in other ways with rebounding and passing.”


“[Coach Lute Olson] said that he wants everyone to click and to be a fist, with no fingers pointing out.  He emphasized to us that this is a talented team and we can be good both offensively and defensively.”


Junior F Ivan Radenovic


On the team’s defense:

“It was really tough, we tried to double team every time he had the ball (POWE) had the ball.”


“It was just about our effort today.”


Senior G/F Hassan Adams


On the importance of picking up two wins:

“It was very important getting two wins. It was important to protect our home court. This brought us a lot of confidence and we have to keep it going.”


On the team’s defensive effort against Leon Powe:

“We took care of what we had to do. I thought Leon got away with some things, but he did a good job. Our big guys did a great job sticking with him and doubling him. We didn’t let him beat us.”


“I don’t put a lot of pressure on myself to do things because my teammates don’t put pressure on me. I just do what it takes to help this team win whether it be scoring points or rebounding or whatever. I just want to keep getting better as a team and keep winning.”


On the play of Fendi Onobun:

“He brings us a lot of intensity. He plays strong and intense, He does things that help this team win.”


“We didn’t shoot the ball well today, but we still won. We won with toughness today. We’re not upset about our shooting. We missed shots that we make everyday. We’ll make those shots next week.”


Freshman F Fendi Onobun


On the play of the bench:

“Bench play was really important for us today. Our job is to come in and create a spark. The first five guys work their butts off, and we have to come in and keep that going. We have to keep scoring, rebounding and doing whatever the team needs to win.”


“Hassan is the one that keeps getting in my ear and telling me what I need to do and to keep playing hard. My family instilled a lot of confidence in me and gave me the confidence to come out and play this week. I’m comfortable out on the court because I know what I have to do. I want to contribute and I want to win”


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