Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
We Are Here!
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 08, 2006
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May 18, 2006

Hey all! That must of been the longest day of traveling known to man! Okay not really, but it sure wasn't short. :)

I am so happy to finally be here. It's crazy, Barcelona reminds me of a huge Riverside. Not quite LA but probably bigger than Chicago!

Oh my snap. Okay, before I go any further, man travel tip number one: I'm just gonna tell you the story of my life. So, I walk onto this plane, and I was like, "AH SNAP!" The plane was so big someone had to tell me which way to go. I mean this baby had two stories! lol! Yeah, I was amazed. Anywho, so, I take my seat in the guest house in the back yard of the plane, really in the back in row 45 after I put my bag in the bin ABOVE my seat. Ok, so I sit down and begin talking to the dude next to me who happens to be from Turkey. I was thrown right into feeling like a foreigner! Man, if I knew half of another spoken language!... So he was teaching me how to speak in Turkish. It was pretty bomb! I was completely caught up in the conversation. I mean I'm learning Turkish.

After an hour of taxing, we take off and I'm OUT! About two hours into this eight-hour flight (by the way, we had an hour flight from Ohio to Chicago, eight hours from Chicago to Frankfurt, Germany, and an hour and a half from Frankfurt to Barcelona). I get up to get my bag. I look ... it's not there. So I go to ask a stewardess if they had moved my bag. Mind you, these flight attendance speak German, not English. They reacted like I was accusing them of stealing, leaving me feeling like I was being played by the foreigner, which I happen to be already. So I look through "all" the bins, trying my best to stay calm. "No tears Shannon, no tears. You may end up broke in Spain, but it's all good."

Finally, this wonderful lady asks me if my bag was moved and said it may be in the bin accross from her. I look ... THERE IT WAS!!! Oh my snap, I thank her so many times. The dude attendant moved it and decided not to tell me. Now I mean, man! Can you tell a sista somethin'? lol! It's all good now.

So we are in Spain and it is Thursday afternoon. I will let y'all know how things are going soon. Oh, as far as me playing, I have practiced some. There is a very good possibility that I will be getting some minutes! It´s all about waiting on God. I can't rush. Thank you all again. I know this is long, but I hope you enjoyed it! God bless y'all!


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