Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Final Round at the 2004 Wildcat Invitational
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: June 22, 2004
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Feb. 25, 2004

Vanderbilt Head Coach Martha Freitag

"Overall I think we played great. I think coming into the spring we are really happy with where our golf games are. We are swinging really well. So we're pleased. It is really good for us to come out with a win. We are playing great teams. We are real excited."

"The thing I told them today is that you guys can just control the things that you can control. If nothing else out there, don't let anything else get to you. Whether it's carts or frost, or anything. Just take care of your business, you are swinging the golf club really well. Just play your game, and we will add them up when we are done. They did a great job at that. They stayed very focused on the task at hand. They didn't worry about whether we were going to win or not. They just took care of it one shot at a time, and typically in golf that gives you good results."

"This is a good win for May (Wood). This is her first solo win. She tied for a win last year, and this golf course sets up well for her. Of course, it was wonderful to see her step up and take advantage of the holes that she had a big advantage on. She was very mature out there. She was poised, and she struck the ball very well. I give a lot of credit to the whole team. Everybody stepped up and made a difference. Kristen Svicarovich hit a 73 yesterday, which was huge for us. The good news is, I know we played well, but we can still play a lot better. So that is fun. They all did a great job."


Arizona Head Coach Greg Allen

"It is very timely that Erica played great. She is hitting a lot of birdies again. It's only February, so we can look forward and hopefully play better. We will keep working hard, and build on our best round of the spring today."

"We have a lot of time off now. We have about three or four weeks, so we'll kind of get away from it. We will keep working hard, and we will start working hard on Monday. We can't get our heads down."

Freshman Lauren Todd, Stanford

"I shot well today. I was happy to play, and I improved every day so I thought that was a little unusual after the first round. I was improving every day and playing solidly. I hit a lot of greens, so it was real easy today."

"I had an awesome time. The whole team loved it. I really enjoyed the course. I'm from phoenix it reminds me a lot of home, it was nice."

Junior Kristen White, Ohio State

"It was quite a barrage, but it was on the verge. I had three birdies today. One was a decent bump. The others were just tap ins, which I'll take. But overall, I wasn't swinging all that well, but least it worked today."

"I had just great playing partners and it made it so much more fun, and that's important."

Sophomore Violeta Retamoza, Tennessee

"I played better today. I think I feel I hit the ball pretty good. I fought good, and I scored good. I had a good final so I'm happy.

"I think I it's a great tournament here. It wasn't good weather, but today was nice."

Sophomore Sophia Sheridan, California

"I played absolutely perfect through the whole tournament. I had bad rounds on number 13. I feel good about my game.

"I love the golf course and this tournament. The greens are really good, I loved it."

Sophomore May Wood, Vanderbilt

"I feel like I played really well. I hit the ball really well, and I managed to keep up."

"I think this is a beautiful, beautiful golf course. I hope we come back next year."

Junior Charlotte Mayorkas, UCLA

"I did okay today. I shot even. I was kind of disappointed because I had two under par the first two holes. Every single hole after that I had a great opportunity, and I struggled. I am glad I made my put on the last hole."

"I always enjoy it here. I like this course because it's up against the canyons. I did learn a lot, and I had fun with my cart buddies. It was a good tournament."

Senior Sarah Jacobs, Vanderbilt

"I played much better. I hit seventeen greens, and didn't make as many puts as I would have liked to. But, it wasn't as stressful of a round as yesterday or the day before."

"I always enjoy coming here. It's nice to get away from Nashville. I wish we would have had better weather, and we would have gotten to play with that. I always enjoy it, and this is my last year."

Sophomore Carolina Llano, Pepperdine

"I played a lot better today than the other days, and I was real happy with the result. So, I feel pretty good."

"It is a fun tournament because of these greens."