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Kristina Baum's Player Diary From Arizona Volleyball's Homestand versus USC and UCLA
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 01, 2005
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Junior opposite Kristina Baum kept a player diary during Arizona volleyball's homestand vs. USC and UCLA.



After walking back from practice in Bear Down today, we had a visitor in our locker room. Jenn, Kim, Marti, Brooke, and I entered our locker room to find a cockroach by Brittany Leonard’s locker. Jenn, Kim, Marti, and I jumped on our chairs and were screaming as Brooke tried to catch it with a newspaper. I seriously thought “Jenn Jenn” might cry. Kim was hyperventilating. Marti just had a scared look on her face and was pointing at it. I was laughing and yelling just to yell, but there was no way I was getting down from my chair. Brooke chased the cockroach around the locker room and it ended up by Jenn’s shoe. Kim yelled, “Kill it with a shoe!” So Brooke took “Jenn Jenn’s” shoe and squished it. After today, Brooke became a hero. And a murderer. The evidence is the juices on Jenn’s shoe.




Since our seniors have been here, we have not beat USC. We are pumped to beat them tonight on our floor. You can’t spell “yoU SuCk” without USC. Heeeeeeee! Kim said that today. She’s so wise, probably because she’s a senior and so old. Heeeeee!



We won in five. It wasn’t the prettiest match ever. I think some people might have been close to heart attacks, including our coaches. Isn’t that our job, though, to make it exciting? Ha ha! Kim had 97 attempts tonight. She should have just gone for a hundred. Why stop at 97? Geeez. We won, and that’s all that matters. We finally beat USC and it feels good. Weeee! After the game, we went up to the Hall of Champions and signed posters for some Girl Scouts. They were the cutest girls ever! Time for bed.




Awww... it is Senior Night tonight. Hopefully, this won’t be our last home game in McKale. Our season is coming to an end. We only have four weeks left, and then I will be a senior. Geeez ... I’m old. Tonight is about Kim, Bre, Jenn and Angie, though. I wonder what they must be feeling. Probably old. That’s my guess. I’m jealous because they get flowers tonight. I’ve never gotten flowers from anyone. (My mom and dad don’t count.) Beating the Bruins will make their night that much sweeter. Let’s doooooo it!



We won in three! Woo woo! Tonight was a little easier on the hearts of our fans and coaches. Kim surpassed the 2,000 kill mark. I think she has a total of 2,002 on her career. That’s a lot of swings. I can’t even imagine. But I’m glad we won tonight. UCLA beat Washington in five last weekend, so this was a good win for us. I hit .750 with 10 kills tonight. I’ve been waiting to have good game for a while, since I’ve been in a little slump. It happens sometimes, but like Dave [Coach Rubio] always says, “Look to your teammates for support.” That’s what I did, and they supported me. Anyway, after the game, we had a get together in the football Stadium Club with friends and family. Of course, there was cake. I, like the fat kid I am, went sprinting for some cake after I saw Stephanie cutting a piece. My mom must have been so proud. It was a good end to an even better weekend.


Next time ... We’ll be dishing out stuffings this Thanksgiving weekend after we dam some Beavers and ... Duck! Phew! That was a close one.

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