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Arizona-Oregon Post-Game Quotes
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 21, 2005
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Arizona Women’s Basketball

Jan. 20, 2005

Arizona vs. Oregon

Post-Game Quotes


Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini: “Oregon is a very good team. We had a hard time matching up with them because of their size, but they probably thought the same about us and our quickness.”


“Dee-Dee had a great game. She did good for us all around tonight.”


“Early foul trouble worried me a little bit but our bench held their own and stepped up.”


“The freshmen are really good. They make me nervous at times, but they play hard and compete. They gain confidence every time they are out there on the floor.”


“We forced a lot of turnovers in the first half. When Polkey got four fouls I was scared, but the bench stepped up.”


“Oregon is a great team. They are very well coached. I know when we go up to Oregon it will be tough. ?'The Pit’ is a hard place to play.”


“We are quick. Oregon has size, which concerned me but we just wanted to put pressure on them and anticipate the ball.”


“Jessica and Ch?© are both very talented players and are becoming smarter. They contribute a lot when they play defense.”



Freshman Guard Jessica Arnold: “We wanted to get out in the transition game. Our guards did a great job getting up and down the court.”


“Things are slowly coming back for me. I just have to get used to the brace. It restricts me a little bit. It’s harder to shoot with my left hand, but I just have to get used to it. I’m slowly getting back into things. I feel a little better every practice.  After the season, I will have surgery. It’s the same as my previous two injuries.”


“We are trying to be more aggressive and get to the basket. We started off slow, but Dee-Dee’s threes got us started.”


“UCLA was a big game for us. Oregon is a good team, too. Coming off of that big win, we needed to beat Oregon on our home court and start another streak.”


“We know that we need to step up and not rely on Dee-Dee and Polkey. We need to relieve the pressure on them.”


“We’ve had a lot to learn, and we still have a lot to learn. As time goes on, we’ll continue getting better after our freshman year.”



Senior Guard Dee-Dee Wheeler: “We started off really slow. Oregon is a great team. They have a lot of weapons. We tried to slow them down to change the tempo and get to them.”


“We didn’t look good at the beginning, but we made adjustments at half time. That got to them and allowed us to get in our game.”


“We started off really well at UCLA, but we didn’t do that tonight. We were able to finish the first half strong though.  They were out-rebounding us, so we had to get on the boards.”


“The freshmen look great. If we can count on them, things will be great for us. I want them to be able to continue to grow as players.”

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