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Tennis Intro: Debora Castany
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: November 04, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Nov. 4, 2010

Debora Castany Age: 20 Major: Nutrition Minor: Chemistry

What got you started playing tennis? I used to live in Barcelona and I moved to a little town called Premia de Mar when I was nine. The tennis club was really close to my house and my parents got me into tennis to do a sport as a hobby. I started to take tennis classes and since then I have been involved with tennis.

What has kept you interested since then? I started to get better at tennis and with that I started to compete in tournaments. I really liked the competition and I enjoy and have fun playing tennis.

What brought you to Arizona? In the beginning, I was looking at colleges all over the US and I found in Arizona everything that I was looking for. The tennis program was good and they also had a good program in the career I wanted to study. Also, a big influence was the weather that we have here because it's great.

What is the biggest difference between home in Spain and here in Arizona? There are a couple of differences between home and here. First, I think food is one of the main differences. In America there's more fast food, the portions are bigger, and the way they cook is different.

Do you plan to stay in the US after graduation? I don't know what I'm going to do. My first year, I was completely sure that I wanted to go back to Spain, but now I think it would be a good option to stay for a while in the US after I graduate.

Do you have plans for after graduation career wise or other goals? I would like to work as a sports nutritionist because I have been around sports all my life and I think nutrition is an important factor that helps athletes to perform better.

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