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Meet the 2011 Wildcats: Kim Stubbe
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: December 30, 2010
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Dec. 30, 2010

TUCSON, Ariz - Name: Kim Stubbe

Age: 18

Hometown: Mol, Belgium

Major: Psychology

Minor: None

What got you started playing tennis?

I started playing tennis at the age of 7 when a friend asked me to come and watch her play. From that moment, I was completely into it. I combined tennis and soccer until I was 12 but then I needed to make a choice between both sports, which was very difficult. I finally chose tennis and, to this day, I am still happy with my choice because it is an amazing sport!

What were your thoughts during your first college match?

My first college match was at the tournament in Colorado. I was very excited to play because it was my first tournament in America. I was also a bit nervous because Vicky and Ryan already improved my tennis, and I wanted to bring my new game to the tournament, it went very well. After an exciting doubles match with my roommate Lacey, we won our first title. What a great feeling!

How is college tennis different from high school?

In Belgian tennis tournaments, I mostly competed with the same girls so we knew each other's games well. The main difference here in America, is that I play against girls I have never seen before and that makes my tennis more challenging.

What is it like being a freshman on the UA team?

In the beginning, it felt weird coming into a new and different environment. I felt like a stranger who wanted to be part of an amazing tennis team. But I immediately became comfortable with all the girls on the team because they all have great personalities. During the tournaments I played, I observed other teams, and then I realized how happy and lucky I was to be a part of our team. The girls and the coaches make the Arizona women's tennis team fantastic! I also remember my first thoughts when I arrived here: `Wow, it's actually amazing for a girl from a small country like Belgium to start a whole new life in America!' I could have never imagined that and I now sometimes still can't believe it! I love being a freshman here at Arizona and I am really looking forward to the season because I know we will get to play for great wins!

What is the main difference between home and Arizona?

I think the main difference for me between Belgium and Tucson is the weather. It is often very cold in Belgium and I got sick often, what was very annoying. Another difference is the food. I feel like I eat more here, but everything I eat has more fat than the food I eat in Belgium. This is maybe due to our life in the dorms because we do not have the time and facilities to cook by ourselves, and still if I had the time it would not be that good, because I am not a great cook. Instead of cooking we just go to the student Union and mostly eat pasta, which is after a while enough. I will be going home to Belgium and I will be happy with the home cooked food, but not so happy with the weather because it is snowing and cold.

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