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By: Arizona Athletics
Release: March 07, 2007
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Hey GymCat Fans!


After being at home for two weekends in a row, we hit on the road again and headed up to Berkeley. After our plane landed in California, the team got to enjoy some real Cali seafood at an amazing restaurant. While sitting at dinner, the Arizona Gymnastics team experienced their first EARTHQUAKE!! Tables, chairs and walls shook! Since this was a first time experience for almost everyone, we were all very excited to say that we survived an earthquake!


Everyone went into this meet determined to hit and do what we do in practice so we could have a nice away score. We suited up in black for the first time in a while and we started out on bars. We hit all six routines to give us a team total of 48.95. Karin won with a 9.9 and Britt scored a new career high of 9.825 on the event. We moved to vault where we again had a slightly different line-up. We hit all six vaults for a total of 48.925 but had a few landing errors. Britt got the high score of 9.85 which placed her 2nd in the meet.


Floor was next and we were solid! Six hit routines with no major mistakes. Sarah Specht competed in the line-up for the first time scoring a 9.85, which tied her with Danielle for first place in the meet! Karin and Jamie Holton also had gorgeous routines which earned them both a 9.8, while Britt and Miranda each earned 9.775s. 


All we had left was beam and after a bit of a struggle last weekend, our BeamCats were ready to prove how good they really are. All six routines were solid to give us a season high of 49.15. Beamer’s routine was beyond gorgeous with not even a single balance check, which earned her the beam title and a new career high of 9.95!! Way to go Beamer!! We ended up with a 196.1 which will help our RQS since it was an away score. Karin took the AA title with a 39.3 and Britt finished just behind her with a 39.2.


Since our flight out wasn’t until Saturday night, we crossed the giant Bay Bridge into San Francisco for the day. We got lucky with the weather and spent the morning walking around and shopping and then we went across to Alcatraz Island to see the famous prison. To add to the excitement of the earthquake we experienced earlier in the trip, as we were loading the ferry to get to the island, something happened to boat that caused rough waves and made the boat wobble like crazy, so they evacuated it. Everything turned out fine and we loaded the boat and crossed over to the island where we took an audio tour. It took us around the whole prison and explained the history of it. Only three people managed to escape in all the years that prison was running, and they were never seen again. Kind of creepy to think that they could be reading this blog right now!


We are on the road again this weekend making our way across the country to North Carolina, where we will take on NC State, James Madison and William & Mary. Our last regular season home meet is Friday, March 16, so make sure your there to show your support for our seniors, Jamie Holton and Aubrey Kelly as they cast their shadow behind that curtain for one last time.


Go GymCats :)

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