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Ben Fox Helps USA to First Round Lead at Friendship Cup
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: July 28, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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 Wildcat freshman victorious in first round


TUCSON, Ariz. - University of Arizona men’s golfer Ben Fox helped the United States jump out to the first round lead Thursday at the USA China Friendship Cup at Oak Valley Country Club in Beaumont, Calif.


Fox, a sophomore-to-be from Studio City, Calif., and teammate Brian Locke of Loyola Marymount won their four-ball match to spur the U.S. to a 4 ?˝ - 1 ?˝ over China after the first day of this inaugural international event.


The duo of Fox and Locke defeated China’s Hu Mu and Ye Jianfeng, 2-up.  Fox and Lock’s victory was the first of four U.S. wins during the opening round.


The bi-annual Friendship Cup features 12-person teams made up of eight men and four women.  All players on the U.S. team completed their freshman seasons in 2005-06. The event will be held in Beijing in the summer of 2008 just prior to the start of the 29th Summer Olympiad and return to the United States in 2010.

USA China Friendship Cup
Oak Valley Golf Club
Beaumont, Calif.

First Round Results
United States 4 1/2
China 1 1/2

Four-Ball Matches
Ben Fox/Brian Locke, USA def. Hu Mu/Ye Jianfeng, China, 2-up
Chris Killmer/Chris Moore, USA halved Han Ren/Su Dong, China

He Zeyu/Wu Ashun, China def. Cameron Tringale/Brett Willis, USA, 2-up
Bronson Burgoon/Sam Cyr, USA def. Fu Zhongyang/Yang Wenzhang, China, 4 and 2
Jacqui Concolino/Kimbra Kosak, USA def. Huang Ping/Yang Taoli, China, 1-up
Jennifer Osborn/Kristi Piepenbrink USA def. Lie Wei/Zhou Xiaoxuan, China, 1-up

Second Round Singles Pairings
Sam Cyr, USA vs. Su Dong, China
Chris Killmer, USA vs. Han Ren, China
Brett Willis, USA vs. Wu Ashun, China
Chris Moore, USA vs. Ye Jianfeng, China
Cameron Tringale, USA vs. Yang Wenzhang, China
Brian Locke, USA vs. He Zeyu, China
Ben Fox, USA vs. Hu Mu, China
Bronson Burgoon, USA vs. Fu Zhongyang, China
Kimbra Kosak, USA vs. Zhou Xiaoxuan, China
Kristi Piepenbrink, USA vs.  Huang Ping, China
Jennifer Osborn, USA vs. Yang Taoli, China
Jacqui Concolino, USA vs. Li Wen China

Third Round Four-Ball Pairings
Ben Fox/Brian Locke, USA vs. Han Ren/Su Dong, China
Bronson Burgoon/Brett Willis, USA vs. Hu Mu/Ye Jianfeng, China
Chris Killmer/Chris Moore, USA vs. Fu Zhongyang/Yang Wenzhang, China
Sam Cyr/Cameron Tringale, USA vs. He Zeyu/Wu Ashun, China
Jacqui Concolino/Kimbra Kosak, USA vs. Li Wen/Zhou Xiaoxuan China
Jennifer Osborn/Kristi Piepenbrink, USA vs. Huang Ping/Yang Taoli, China

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