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Jamie's Journal: Gymnastics in Cancun
By: Arizona Athletics
Release: January 20, 2006
Photo Courtesy: Arizona Athletics
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Monday, January 9th, 2006


First of all... HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!  We’ve already been off to a very hectic start!  As you may know, the Arizona GymCats began their season in Cancun!  Yes, we went to Cancun!  We arrived on Wednesday, January 4th and stayed until Sunday, January 8th.  Wednesday and Thursday were filled with practice, a banquet, and preparing for the competition.  Friday was the competition, and although we weren’t perfect, I have to say we did pretty well. 

We had many new competitors on each event, and nerves are SO hard to deal with in the first competition.  We competed against some great teams, including #21 Denver, #10 Oklahoma, #9 Stanford, and let us not forget #1 Georgia.

We started on floor, and I was actually the first one to compete.  Boy was I nervous!  Floor was highlighted with Aubrey and Karin’s 9.8’s.  You go girls!!!  Vault was next, and was again filled with new faces.  Alexis, Danielle, and Rachelle all nailed their vaults for 9.7’s!  Then was bars, which was our highest event score of the meet, carried by Aubrey’s 9.8.  Beam was last, and although it was not our best, we know what we need to fix.  Beam was lead by Erin’s 9.6, which was great for her first (ever) competitive collegiate beam routine.  That made our team score 192.925. 

Georgia ended up winning the meet with a 195.7.  The meet was an overall great experience, and although it was a little bit different than a normal collegiate gymnastics meet, it was the freshmen’s first meet as an Arizona Wildcat!  And it was great to see some of our own fans in the crowd as Erin, Beamer and Bree’s parents were all there.  Man, Bree’s dad is a GREAT addition to the GymCat family.  He definitely made himself heard throughout the meet, cheering for every GymCat on every event.  It was awesome to see (and hear) some of our own fans so far away from home!


Saturday and half of Sunday were filled with fun in the sun!  Our resort was absolutely amazing.  I’m now a junior, and I have to say that this was the best hotel/resort that I have EVER stayed in.  It is hard to beat a place that has hot tubs in every room (yes, in EVERY room).  I’m pretty sure all of us took full advantage of that! 

The pool was amazing as well, and nothing like I have ever seen before.  It was designed very unusually (not your typical oval shape) and was huge (a mile long)!  And there were enough chairs for everyone!  Then we walked about 5 feet from the pool and we were on the beach!  The beach was beautiful.  The sand was incredibly soft and the water was so blue!  We definitely used up every minute we could in the sun!  We had a variety of activities that we could have done as well, and some of the things that we did included kayaking, salsa dancing, and beach volleyball.  We definitely figured out why most of us are gymnasts, and not other types of athletes!  Hah! 


All in all this was an amazing trip, and unquestionably one that I will never forget.  The team got to spend a lot of time together, and I think we’re all even closer now, and we’re definitely hungry to improve on all of our scores next Saturday in Penn State with Alabama!  Go Cats!
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