Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
Craig Jordens
Position: Freestyle
Height: 5'10"
Year: Senior
Hometown: Cape Town, South Africa

Why Arizona?: One of the main reasons why I chose to come to Arizona is that I believe that being here will give me the best opportunity to achieve my ultimate goal of participating at the 2012 Olympic Games.

Best thing about Arizona?: I have found that the best thing about Arizona is the way that the team and the coaches are able to work in unison to produce an environment that includes professionalism, the genuine caring and enjoyment for all.

What are you looking forward to in the 2009-2010 season?: I am looking forward to being trained and being able to learn from the best coaches in the world, as well as being a part of a great and successful team.

Favorite Book: The Secret

Favorite Movie: Braveheart

Favorite Food: Braaivleis (South African version of a "Barbeque", but better)

Favorite Place to Visit: Mauritius

Favorite Season: Summer

What stood out to you about the University of Arizona?: When I was traveling to Arizona, I was unsure as to what to expect. However, I have found that the University is a beautiful place, and the people have been extremely helpful thus far.

Personal Bests:

50 Free - 19.64

100 Free - 43.38

200 Free - 1.38.21

National Teams:

South Africa 2000 Pan Pacific games in Sydney and 2002 Chico Piscina in Brazil