Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday
John Court
Position: Assistant Coach
Alma Mater: Johnson & Wales University, 1993
Experience: 18 Years

Entering his 15th year with Arizona, associate head coach John Court has established himself as one of the top gymnastics coaches in the country.

With a competitive flair and energetic passion for gymnastics, Court takes great pride in helping mold each Wildcat gymnast to be at her fullest potential both in and out of the gym.

Court's dynamic impact was recognized in 2007 as he was named the 2007 South Central Region Assistant Coach of the Year. Court received that honor again in 2012, as he earned a second title of of South Central Region Assistant Coach of the year for the 2012 season.

"I always try to get better at what I do and have enjoyed providing the program with stability over the last decade," Court said. "This is my 17th year professionly in collegiate gymnastics and my love of the sport has never been greater."

Court's contributions are visible both inside the gym and on an administrative level. His duties in the gym include vault and floor coaching, where Court is responsible for developing each gymnast's tumbling and vaulting.

"John has a great intention on being successful and takes great pride in representing our team and our university," head coach Bill Ryden said. "He takes his job very seriously and continues to strive to improve this team."

Outside of the gym, Court has served as Arizona's recruiting coordinator for the lastseven seasons, searching for the best amateur talent in the nation to bring into the Wildcat program. For Court, recruiting is not a job, it is a way to help Arizona's program get even better. Additionally, Court serves as co-director for Bill Ryden's Sonoran Gymnastics Camp.

"John spearheads our recruiting," Ryden said. "He will spend an entire year researching the upcoming recruits, figuring out where we need to go and who we need to see. He is a fan of the sport and likes finding talent. John is a people person who likes going out and talking to people."

For Court, recruiting is not a job, it is a way to help Arizona's program get even better.

"I try to assist our program in the best way I can to recruit and evaluate our future Wildcats," Court said. "The program has inked some national talent over the years and the rewards have been fantastic and our future looks very bright. After working with Bill the last ten seasons, I have a good idea of what type of person and gymnast he wants on his team."

During each gymnastics meet, Court's passion for the sport and desire to win is clearly visible in his coaching. Court leads with his emotions by always cheering for each gymnast after each routine and providing Arizona with an extra spark of energy needed to succeed.

"John is an emotional leader for this team," Ryden said. "When we get into a competition, he is all about each routine and each score. He brings his game face and helps our team succeed."

Before coaching at Arizona, Court spent five years at the University of Vermont, his last three years (1995-98) as head coach. During those years he was named ECAC Coach of the Year twice. Prior to Vermont, Court spent two years as an assistant coach at Brown University under his mother and legendary gymnastics coach Jackie Court, who coached there for 33 years.

"She is the reason I became involved with the sport. It was her passion and leadership that has helped me become the coach I am today," Court said.

With15 years of coaching experience at Arizona, Court has noticed the valuable team experience this program provides for its gymnasts.

"At Arizona we compete at a national level in all areas and it's pleasurable to help the athletes grow as people and achieve their athletic and personal goals" Court said. "It is very important that you keep the sport fun for your team, yourself and provide a positive learning environment. We are all at our best when we love what we do."

Court is a 1993 graduate of Johnson and Wales University with a bachelor's degree in marketing. He received his master's degree in public/athletics administration from the University of Vermont in 1995.