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 Classroom Cats

Classroom Cats is a program for kindergarten through 8th grade classrooms presented by Arizona KidCats Club and Hughes Federal Credit Union. This program allows classrooms to connect to Arizona Athletics through educational material, posters, exclusive contests and opportunities.

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After the online sign up form is submitted teachers will soon receive a Classroom Cats poster and newsletter with information on how to become involved in the club in the mail. Emails will also be sent to participating classrooms with information about exclusive contests, educational material, and great opportunities to connect to the University of Arizona Athletics Department.

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Pen Pal Program 

Through this K-8th grade program, an Arizona Athletics student-athlete will correspond with your classroom during the course of one school semester. Students will gain the opportunity to develop a connection with an older, positive role model while improving their reading and writing skills. This is also a great experience to promote fitness, emphasize the importance of academic success and help students create goals of higher education. 

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S'cool Cats

S'cool Cats is a program focused on relationships, so we can support our community as they support our teams and players. This program pairs our teams with local elementary and middle schools for an entire school year. Throughout the year, student-athletes and coaches make contact with the schools following a standard curriculum. The participants are invited to campus for a home match or scrimmage during the team's season to cheer on the student-athletes. S'cool Cats develops personal relationships between the community and the athletics department while promoting life skills, healthy lifestyles, sportsmanship and service. 

Requirements for participating schools include:

*Must be within a 30 minute driving distance according to Google Maps.
*Must be an elementary or middle school. No students can be considered potential recruits. NOTE that Men's Basketball cannot be paired with middle schools.
*Must distribute and collect media release forms for all students involved in the Cats in the Community program.Photos will be used for articles and promotions for Arizona Athletics community service program.


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 Community Outreach

The University of Arizona Athletics Department believes service within the community is important for enhancing the State of Arizona, the City of Tucson and surrounding communities. Through the involvement of coaches, administrators, student-athletes, cheerleaders and mascots, Arizona Athletics is working together to make our community a strong one and leads the way in education, athletics and community service. 

To request a visit to your school from a Coach, Athletics Administrator, Student-Athlete, Cheerleader or Mascot, please click here

To request a tour of Arizona Athletics facilities for your classroom, please click here

To request a donation (autograph ball, tickets or memorabilia) please click here