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December 30, 1999
Delaware vs. Arizona

We were definitely more aggressive, and we played awfully well in the first 30 minutes. I am pleased with the team's readiness. We were ready to go on both ends of the court. We had good intensity, and we were solid throughout on defense. I thought we had better offensive movement against a good defensive basketball team.

We have to give Delaware credit. They are a very solid, experienced team, and they kept playing and coming at us. Loren (Woods) got some shot blocks early, and that really set the tone for the rest of the game. All of a sudden Delaware was missing shots, and their players were more aware of his presence inside.

Both Michael (Wright) and Loren (Woods) did a nice job of posting up inside. When Loren steps in and gets the ball deep, he is hard to defend because he is so big and strong. I think the bench players have to take pride in their offensive effort. They had good tenacity, and they definitely affected the game. Justin Wessel had four rebounds and Rick (Anderson) had seven rebounds, and they both did a good job defensively inside.

Defensively, we are going to be a very good team. But, my biggest concern is our offensive movement, especially when we are in a half-court offense. Tonight, our offense was much better against a fine defensive team.