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Arizona Men's Basketball
Michigan State @ Arizona
December 11, 1999

Arizona Head Coach Lute Olson Quotes

"Our starters came out and jumped all over Michigan State right from the start. Michigan State is a really sound defensive team with great size. But, we made defensive adjustments, and we did a much better job of switching out onto their shooters."

"I was impressed with our ability to step up and shoot 21-for-24 from the line. Whenever they fouled us, we really made them pay for it with our consistent free-throw shooting."

"In the second half, I thought we were more in control, and we did a better job of taking care of the basketball."

"Loren (Woods) helped right away once he got into the game. He played with the most aggressiveness that he has played with all season. In the second half, he gave us important second and third efforts on the boards."

"Justin Wessel was a real key for us because he did a great job of switching out, and he was in the mix on the boards. He did a spectacular job."

"I thought this was our most complete effort against an outstanding basketball team. Michigan State is so tough defensively, but we did a great job of switching out and stopping their three-point looks, especially in the second half."

"Since I have been at Arizona, this past week was the toughest one-week non-conference schedule we've ever gone through, playing three top-10 teams in three different locations. Playing those type of teams will do nothing but help us prepare for the rest of the season."

MSU Head Coach Tom Izzo:

"First of all, I'm disappointed that we didn't play more of the basketball that I know we can play. They took it to us in every way today. The last thing that I wrote on the chalkboard before we left the locker room for the start of the game was that we needed to get all of the loose balls... We got none. We were outworked, out hustled and outshot."

"I think we may have started reading our press clippings too much and doing too many interviews. It may be too much for some of these guys right now. Overall, I think it was 75% Arizona's doing and 25% our fault for why we didn't perform like I know we can. They pretty much beat us in every facet and the crowd was also great for them."

On Arizona guard Jason Gardner:

"He played hard today. I think he played every minute. We didn't tire him out and make him work like I wanted to today. "

"We started slow on defense today and made some bad passes and then the bad lobs... that disappoints me. When a guy goes past a guy and the defense doesn't take a step, that's bad defense. We're struggling right now because our second-best player is struggling. Leadership is really lacking on this team right now."

"Sometimes its hard for teams to handle success like with Sports Illustrated, T.V. people, writers. If we ever become flash and dash instead of a blue collar team I hope you guys (media) ask me to resign, because we did some of that stuff today."