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Richard Jefferson
"We were able to jump on top of them by being very aggressive, so then we were able to work on a lot of the stuff that we needed to. This was only our first game, and that really showed in some places. We made a lot of first-game mistakes.

"From our performance out there, there are a lot of things that we need to work on. We played well together today, and that helped us in a lot of other areas, too. This is good experience to play (against another team) and play together, instead of being split into different teams.

"The freshmen played very well tonight. There is really nothing that they did that you can complain about. They are great to work with and play with. They both listen very well on the court."

Loren Woods
"It's about time that I (had the chance to) play someone else. It's been 1- years since I have played against someone other than my teammates, so I was a little nervous about how I was going to play. I got over that quickly, though, because I hit my first shot, and that broke the ice.

"It is incredible to me how fast we have gelled together. If we continue to play like this, we are going to be a really great team.

"Gilbert Arenas played really hard in the first half. He pulled down some good rebounds. They were a little nervous going in to the game, but they got over it pretty quickly."

Gilbert Arenas
"Before I got (to UA), I had been running a lot. I had been on the track team, so I was used to running, so I did not get tired out there. I stayed in shape pretty well to get used to playing at this level.

On his first game against another team:
"I just wanted to go out there and play my game. I wanted to have fun. They (the coaches) told me to go out there and have fun, so I did. I am an entertainer.

On rebounding:
"It is just something that I like to do. At first, they (the coaches) told me that I could not do that because the guard is supposed to drop back. But I kept going to the boards, so finally they said that they would put that in (to the game plan).

On playing with Jason Gardner:
"We are like Batman and Robin. (sarcastically) He is almost as fast as me. No, really, he is just a very solid point guard. He does not do anything that he can't do or shouldn't do. It is fun playing (opposite) him. In practice, we are usually split (on different teams), so this was nice to play together."