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Jami Fryer
Jami Fryer

LaPorte IN

Team Manager

Jami is beginning her fourth year as a team manager and plays a big role in and out of the gym. In the gym, she helps with gymnast prep, running the motion analysis computers and coordinating the fine details of team operations. Her job duties also extend to coordinating with coaches needs in running the programs, and makes sure all of the small details are accounted for. Lastly, she contributes to the gymnastics program publicly as well with her "Friday Five" on the team's Facebook and Youtube pages.

Jami comes from Indiana, where she was a former gymnast herself, and competed for the Gymnastics Michiana club. There, she finished her career as a level 9 gymnast. She was a leader in the gym and genuinely loved the sport and the lessons learned there.

Jami is majoring in nursing. Daughter of Robert and Jacki Fryer, she is one of four girls and loves being with her family. She also enjoys wakeboarding, playing catch, and spending time with friends.