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Brina Weissman
Brina Weissman


Team Manager

As a key contributor, Brina Weissman has consistently worked with the Wildcat program for three years and is entering her fourth season, working in every aspect of the gymnastics team.

As a former gymnast herself, Brina comes from Phoenix, Arizona where she was a member of Arizona Sunrays Gymnastics club. There, she competed as a level 9 gymnast and was the state champion in 2004 as well as a 2004 regional team member. She was also chosen to be a part of the six member crew during the Pan-American Maccabi Games, which took place in Santiago, Chile. There, she earned a gold metal with her teammates and was the individual 4th place finisher.

Brina is pursuing an Interdisciplinary Degree with concentrations in Communication, Spanish, and Special Education. After graduation, she hopes to pursue a career in event management in the field of athletics.