Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday

Wilma Wildcat
Wilma Wildcat

Tucson, AZ




UA Mascot Tryouts 2013

Do you have what it takes? If you think you have the skills, passion and swag to be the next Wilbur or Wilma here is your chance!

Wilma Wildcat can't think of any better or more appropiate hands-on (paws-on)way to show her pride and spirit for the university. Wilma loves interacting with the children. "They gaze up into my eyes, tell me they love me, and that im their best friend". She describes it as "a very rewarding feeling to be there for these children". Wilma's most memorable experience was having 2 little boys come up to her, asking her to marry them. According to Wilma, she never encountered anything cuter in her entire life. A lision between the UA community and Tucson, Wilma Wildcat supports various community events. At games, she helps keep crowds and fans motivated with her enthusiasim and strong UA spirit. She attributes her success as a kind, loveable wildcat to the endurence, preperation, and devotion she possesses.