Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday

A Guide to NCAA Regulations For Agents

Dear Prospective Agent,

The administration and coaches at the University of Arizona are well aware of the fact that the majority of those engaged in representing professional athletes provide valuable services to their clients. We have no intention of creating barriers between our student-athletes and those who can provide valuable services to them.  But in order to allow our student-athletes to focus upon their academic and athletic pursuits as they complete their careers with us, we stipulate that the attached policies be adhered to by both our student-athletes and those who desire to represent them.

Make sure that you are registered with the Arizona Secretary of State [Registration of Athlete Agent Form], and complete the registration with our institution at the link below.   Click on the submit button when the form is completed.

Please feel free to contact us if we can assist you.


Greg Byrne
Director of Athletics

Gretchen Bouton
Associate AD for Compliance

Arizona Athletics Agent Registration Form


In order to protect our student-athletes from the loss of eligibility due to agent activities, the following policies and procedures will be adhered to:

* Any person or entity wishing to represent a University of Arizona student-athlete in the marketing of their athletics ability or reputation, to provide other services in any way related to such marketing (e.g., legal or accounting services), or to refer student-athletes to prospective agents, must be registered with the University of Arizona, Department of Intercollegiate Athletics.  By accepting registration the University of Arizona does not endorse or recommend the employment or retention of the registered party and expressly prohibits the registrant from representing or holding out that this registration is evidence of their skill, honesty, competence or qualifications to represent players in contract negotiations or otherwise.  Any such representation shall result in deregistration.

* Mail received for student-athletes with eligibility remaining from persons or entities acting in the capacities described above (which for convenience will be commonly called "Agents" hereafter, regardless of whether their intent is to function as agents per se) will be held by sport coaching staffs until the end of the student-athlete's collegiate eligibility.  This mail will be distributed at the same time so as not to create an advantage or disadvantage for any agent.

* All face-to-face contact between a student-athlete (his parent(s) and/or legal guardian) and agents, or financial advisors (or their intermediaries) prior to the end of the student-athlete's collegiate eligibility, will be reported by the student-athlete to their coaches [who will in turn notify the appropriate administrator].

* An individual who is known to be a sports "Agent" may not be allowed to watch a practice which is not open to the public.  Nor will "Agents" be allowed admission to a team locker room when student-athletes are present.

* The ICA administration and coaching staffs will endeavor to provide an extensive educational program to attempt to assure that student-athletes, their parents [legal guardians etc.] become aware of the NCAA regulations and ICA policies. This program will include utilization of consultants, and former student-athletes who have valuable experience in dealing with professional sports, contracts, draft procedures and agent issues.

* Coaches and ICA staff members (especially trainers, managers, and academic advisors; those dealing closely with student-athletes on a daily basis) will be educated as to what they should be alert for as indicators of changes in lifestyles of student-athletes that may be a result of improper inducements from "Agents" / intermediaries. They will be instructed in the procedures to report such changes to the appropriate director of athletics for follow-up.

In order protect our institution from violations involving NCAA agent regulations, our student-athletes will be informed of the State Laws:

In accordance with the Arizona Uniform Athlete Agents Act section 15-1771, Notice to educational institution, Student-Athletes will be informed of their responsibilities under the law.

A. Within seventy-two hours after entering into an agency contract or before the next scheduled athletic event in which the student athlete may participate, whichever occurs first, the athlete agent shall give notice in a record of the existence of the contract to the athletic director of the educational institution at which the student athlete is enrolled or the educational institution at which the athlete agent has reasonable grounds to believe the student athlete intends to enroll.

B. Within seventy-two hours after entering into an agency contract or before the next athletic event in which the student athlete may participate, whichever occurs first, the student athlete shall inform the athletic director of the educational institution at which the student athlete is enrolled that he or she has entered into an agency contract.

In the event that our efforts to prevent infractions are unsuccessful the following actions will be taken:

* Once it is determined that a student-athlete has in fact signed a contract (or given a verbal commitment) to be represented by an "Agent;" the student-athlete's team membership will be terminated [following an opportunity for appeal to the appropriate university personnel].  All grant-in-aid, tuition waivers and other benefits will be ended at the first allowable time in accordance with normal financial aid regulations.

* Once it is determined that a student-athlete [parent, guardian, or friend] has accepted inducements from an "Agent" the student-athlete will be declared ineligible.  Restoration may be requested [where appropriate] from the NCAA Student-Athlete Reinstatement Department.

* Appropriate Self-Reports will be forwarded to the NCAA through the Pac-10 Conference.

* The appropriate player association [e.g., NFLPA, NBPA] will be informed of the "Agent's" alleged involved in the violation and the extent of the "Agent's" alleged involvement in the violation.

The State of Arizona will be notified of any violations of the Uniform Athlete Agents Act.