Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday

University of Arizona head coach Dick Tomey
Press Conference - 11/7/00 - Pre-Oregon State

"So far, (the players) have responded really well because they know that they are doing the right thing, the right way. We have practiced well, and our core our heart and soul of the team is good. The result is what we are looking for. If you look at the conference standings, we have scored as many points as Oregon and a few more than Washington, but we need to get better results. We need to believe in ourselves and not doubt in what we are doing.

"Finding a way to win is the bottom line in athletics. I believe these guys will do that because we have the right people doing the right things. They have the right kinds of hearts and minds, and I wouldn't trade that for any amount of wins.

On the offensive line:
"Reggie Sampay did a wonderful job at guard (against Washington). He continues to amaze because he has never played guard at this level. Moving Marques (McFadden) to tackle also helped that side of the line, and playing Bruce (Wiggins) at center helped a lot, too. He was not an All-American, but he played pretty darn well for someone who had not played for about two months. Just having him there gives the quarterback someone to be confident in.

On Oregon State head coach Dennis Erickson:
"Dennis and I competed against each other when I was at Hawai'i, and we have played each other when he was at Wyoming, Washington State, Miami (Fla.) and now at Oregon State. He has done the same thing (on offense) that he always has done. Like every other offensive scheme, it is not magic. He just has good people in there and good decision makers. They have a big, ol' offensive line that is maybe the best that we have played against. The have the quickest defense that we will have played against, and the have the best defensive ends we have played. The very well may be the best team that we have played against, and I think there is a lot of evidence to support that.

On Oregon State running back Ken Simonton:
"He has gotten a lot stronger since he was a freshman. He is definitely a great player to have when you go into a new job like (Erickson) did. He played on the same high school football team as (Arizona defensive end) Joe Tafoya. A lot of people thought that he was too small, but he's the best around now.

"I think there are a lot of good coaches in the (Pac-10). There are a lot of good defensive coaches, and some outstanding offensive coaches. Throughout the conference, more and more, I think there are more skilled players all-around. In California and Arizona, kids are out there year-round. The same thing happens in Florida or in any state with sunshine all year.

On running backs Leo Mills and Clarence Farmer:
"Both of them have demonstrated that they have a lot of capabilities. I hope that we can keep them healthy. Both of them are excellent receivers, too. That catch Leo made in the Washington game was unbelievable. That ball was thrown so hard. I am thrilled to see Leo have the success that he is having. He went through so much when he first go here."