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Arizona Head Coach Joan Bonvicini

On Tatum Brown's performance:
"Tatum is playing really well right now. She is very consistent and a solid aggressive player. This was our first game against quality post players and we performed well against them."

"The biggest problem we had tonight was we committed too many fouls and didn't shoot too well from the free throw line. I just want us to continue to get better and we are continuing to head in that direction. This was a quality win."

On bench play:

"I thought Angela Lackey and Reshea Bristol played well off the bench. They played really smart and made some quality plays tonight."

On Reshea Bristol:
"She is gaining a better understanding of what we want from her. I've really seen her mature this season in her play and its really showing on the court."

On Michelle Mitchell's performance:
"Michelle played really well for us tonight. She is a really smart defender and did a great job denying their post players."

Upcoming road games:
"In order for us to win on the road we have to cut down the amount of fouls we commit and knock down our free throws. I am really pleased about our defensive intensity and it is indicative in our opponent's field goal percentage."

Indiana University head coach Jim Izard

"Inside, we were playing freshmen and a sophomore against a bunch of seniors. They are really tough to deal with inside, but I thought that we held our own against them for a while. We kind of fell apart then.

"(Tatum) Brown was really great tonight, and they got her the ball a lot, too. We started out doing a good job of fronting her and some of the other post players, but did not later in the game. We stated to allow too many passes into the post.

"We wanted to keep our assist-turnover ratio to 2-to-1, but obviously, we did not do that. Also, they outrebounded us by 10. Those two things were the difference in the game. We did not handle the press well, either.

"We did a good job of running the kind of offense that we wanted to early in the game. We ran a lot of hi-low and reversed the ball. We got the ball inside and reversed it, but they started to take some of that away. Also, (Heather) Cassady picked up her third foul quick and she was on the bench for most of the half. She only played eight minutes in the first half. We have to have her on the court to be successful."