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Arizona Cross Country/Track and Field Prospect Information Form

 Last Name  
 First Name  
 Middle Name  
 Local Street Address  
 Zip Code  
 Email Address  
 Home Phone  
 Cell Phone  
 Best Time to Call  
 Mother's Name  
 Mother's Work #  
 Mother's Address  


 Father's Name  
 Father's Number  
 Father's  Address  
 Zip Code  
 Athlete Date of Birth (mm/dd/yy)  

 List any friends or relatives that have attended

 the University of Arizona


 What other sports have you played?

 Why would you choose Arizona?  

 High School/Junior College Attending

 High School/Junior College Address  
 Graduatation Date  

 Rank in Class:

 Out of:  
 SAT-Math Score  
 SAT-Verbal Score  
 Date Taken  
 Date Taken  
 Date Taken  
 Guidance Counselor  
 Work Phone  
 Have you registered for the NCAA Clearinghouse?  
 Date Registered  
 Will you apply for Government Aid?  
 Area of Academic interest  
 Number of Years Competing  
 Club Team Name  
 Coaches Name  
 Phone #  
 Event #1  
 Best Mark  


 Event #2  
 Best Mark  
 Event #3  
 Best Mark  
 Event #4  
 Best Mark  
 3 Universities you are considering other than Arizona?  




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