Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday

Genny Konicke
Genny Konicke


Plano, Texas

High School:
Plano Senior High School



What are you looking forward to this 2009-2010 season?: I am looking forward to undergoing the 2009-10 season with a year of experience to improve my contributions to the team and to advance my training mentally and physically.I absorbed so much from the team freshman year and I'm going to focus on enhancing these abilities. I am also looking forward to working with our new freshman girls!

Why Arizona?: One major reason I came to Arizona was because of the natural family atmosphere. It wasn't a forced family but one where everyone truly cared for the team as a whole and wanted it to achieve the best possible. I felt they really supported each other at necessary times but then also competed and pushed each other in order to improve. They also have a unique coaching staff that I felt I could trust with any aspect in life. I really like the idea of swimming being more than a sport by using it to teach life lessons as well, which is what the coaching staff pursues.

Favorite Book: Survival of the Sickest

Favorite Movie: The Spiderman and Harry Potter movies

Favorite Place to Visit: Florida

Hobbies: Sand Volleyball, Photography

Favorite Animal: Dolphins

If you could choose any location in the world to swim, where would it be?: The Great Barrier Reef.

Personal Bests:


Short Course

50 free


100 free


200 free


100 fly