Greg Byrne's Wildcat Wednesday

Joni Keith
Joni Keith


Phoenix, Ariz.

High School:
Thunderbird HS



What have you learned at Arizona?: One thing that I have learned from my time swimming here at Arizona is if life gives you lemons make lemonade. The reason I make this statement is because in my time here at the U of A, I have had a lot of things thrown my way; whether it be temporary injuries or swims that were less than pleasing but there is always something to be learned from these situations. A lot of times we become frustrated in the midst of the bad situations, when instead we should take what life throws at us as an opportunity to learn something about ourselves and try and improve what we can. Another thing that I have learned here is that you are not alone. Because we have so many people as a part of this team, it is not only a family, but a large vat of knowledge and experience. When trying to improve something in technique or stroke, there is at least one person if not SO MANY more (besides the coaches) that can help lend knowledge and new insight on how to improve what you are working on.

What's on your iPod?: Mostly country.

Favorite Food: Italian, any kind of pasta

Favorite Animal: Dogs

Favorite Color: Pink

Favorite Season: Fall

If you could choose any location in the world to swim, where would it be?: I would love to swim around any of the tropical oceans in the world because it would be cool to go out and swim in the ocean and have that be my "pool".

Personal Bests:


Short Course

Long Course

200 free



500/400 free



1000/800 free



1650 free